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WEEK 16 2004

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Saturday 17 April 2004

Saturday - ran across this on some internet blogs:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

Okay, the Compaq Fortran Language Reference Manual. It's already not looking so good...

No page 23. Uh-oh. Chapter are paginated 1-xx, 2-xx, 3-xx, and so on. So, Chapter 3 being the first with over twenty three pages we'll try to go with that:

component is the name of the component being defined.

Darn. Other people have books like "Gravity's Rainbow", or classics by Thomas Hardy. 

I'm jnot cool, still,  just like high school...oh wait. Really it should be the twenty-third page, (right?) so if we add all the pages of chapter 1 and continue into chapter 2 then we end up at page 2-10 which contains the immortal line:

Although Fortran 95/90 permits up to 39 continuation lines in free-form program, Compaq Fortran allows up to 511 continuation lines.

Hmm. That actually came in use once, but it's not quite as dramatic as  this guy quoting George Orwell.  Press on, press on, the gauntlet has been thrown down - I'll include the pages with roman letters, and on page xxiii we have:

3-1   C-Style Escape Sequences...................................................................3-18

I give up.

screen shot from yahoo!
And it isn't even XP Professional. Linux is the way to go I think...

Friday 16 April 2004

Friday - off to work. This involved picking someone up, driving forty miles, realizing I'd forgotten some information, driving home and not being able to find it, driving back to the work site and finding the missing papers there where I'd left them a month ago.

Still a bit flu-ish, but better.

Thursday 15 April  2004

Thursday - Feeling a bit sick, like the flu. But I did the taxes and turned them in. I saw the sign below when I got to the Post Office. Distance to Oxnard: 99.0 miles, Pasadena 68.3 miles, Van Nuys 52.5 miles. Does anyone  think the Post Office deserves it's monopoly on first class mail any longer?

There was a time when the USPO was a necessary and useful organization, but those days are long gone. Now it's just a big bureaucracy that does less while charging more. Time to let UPS, FEDEX, DHL and the other incentive driven businesses step in and do the job better and cheaper.

Post office sign
"Convenience" as defined by the USPO - two hour plus drives in city traffic...

Wednesday 14 April 2004

Wednesday - heading back to Lancaster after lunch, have to turn in the taxes and I need to research some stuff before tomorrow. The taxes are done, but I'm just not sure about a couple of things...

Did I mention my Dad's dog is an alcoholic?

dog licking an empty beer bottle
Just a wee nip...

Tuesday 13 April 2004
Tuesday - Barry Bonds finally did it, at a home stand, 660 home runs, equaling Willie Mays:
Barry Bonds starts around the bases
Barry Bonds starts around the bases after hitting run 660.

Monday 12 April 2004

Monday - last picture from the russian watch.
Yuri Gagarin, off the watch
From the watch, Yuri Gagarin himself.

Sunday 11 April 2004

Sunday - up visiting my Dad, so posts will be light. Things are nice here, good spring weather. The trip up was good, and it's nice to just relax.

Here's a shot from the trip up, windmills in the Tehachapi Mountains. Click to run the 12 Megabyte movie:
windmills passing through tehachapi's

Picture of the Week

a flower
Photo Notes: The roses are blossoming in my front garden, and many other flowers whose names I do not know.

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