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WEEK 18 2004

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Saturday 1 May 2004

Saturday - went to some yard sales in the morning and napped, read, and watched tv for the rest of the day.

Friday 30 April 2004

Friday - started a new set of test cases - all four machines running unsteady simulations. Putting the little four port router onto one of the firewall/router ports works - now all four machines can see the network and each other. The Win2k boxes can share with each other and the WinXP box. I put the machines back together, put the covers on, put them on the rack and generally cleaned up the dining room area so that it is possible to walk without stepping on a computer component of some sort. A full days work...

Thursday 29 April  2004

Thursday - saw a review of Washington's Crossing that intrigued me. It may be a good read - family tradition is that there were Hessian's in our past...

Editorial Reviews
From Publishers Weekly
At the core of an impeccably researched, brilliantly executed military history is an analysis of George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River in December 1776 and the resulting destruction of the Hessian garrison of Trenton and defeat of a British brigade at Princeton. Fischer's perceptive discussion of the strategic, operational and tactical factors involved is by itself worth the book's purchase. He demonstrates Washington's insight into the revolution's desperate political circumstances, shows how that influenced the idea of a riposte against an enemy grown overconfident with success and presents Washington's skillful use of what his army could do well.

The specs say the new motherboards should run the memory at 333Mhz. What gives? Maybe P4-Celerons only run at 266Mhz? Hmmm.

I picked up a case fan for the last machine. I had the choice of a fan with a blue light at 35dba, a Antec fan without a light at 30dba, and another Antec fan without a light at 21dba. I got the latter - and man, is it quiet! I may just replace the fan in my main unit with one of these. I put a thermometer in the case, since the software temperature monitor utility doesn't work properly, and the air temperature seems decent, 80-85F sustained during ten hour long jobs running at 100% CPU utilization.

Several jobs are running right at this minute, a couple of unsteady CFD aeroelastic solutions and a steady solution. It's nice having multiple machines, though the room is a bit of a mess right now.

I painted a bit more today. My arms hurt - to minimize moving the ladder (it takes a lot of time) I tend to reach out and paint at arms length on either side of the ladder - and after a few hours you know you've been working certain muscles ( isn't there some torture where one is forced to hold heavy objects at arms length?). But I've done half the eaves for the remaining side - it's too warm to do more today, and it's also turned windy, so maybe the rest this weekend.

Winds generally run in a three or four day cycle around here - I expect tomorrow to be even windier than today.

Wednesday 28 April 2004

Wednesday - working away. Finished "The Confusion", Tuesday night, alas. Now I'll have to wait for part III.

On of my router's ports has failed. Arrgghh. So now only three machines can be on the network at one time. Though I do have an old four port router with an uplink cable. I wonder if I connected it up, would everything be copacetic? Hmmm. Have to try it later.

Tuesday 27 April 2004
Tuesday - more fooling about with the testcase. It seems that the CFD interface has been changed as well. Grrrrr. Things are supposed to get easier with time for the user, not harder. Feature bloat is hard to combat. I downloaded part of the new up-to-date ( hah! ) manual so things should get easier there. But of course late in the day it got even better - I'm running the wrong testcase - the one I should be running is similar, but not identical!! Back to the drawing board, after I've finished running this one, just for the sake of completeness.

Beautiful weather - in the morning. By afternoon it was pushing 100F, rather warm. Early in the evening I got a call to come and swim in a friend's pool. They upgraded the solar heating system to glass enclosed tube, and the water was up to 80F - not really warm, but definitely swimmable. Generally the pool doesn't hit that temperature until June, so the new system is a doozy!

Monday 26 April 2004

Monday - back to work. I spent a lot of time bashing my head against what turned out to be a change in the input data to a code I've used for years. My manual is woefully out of date...

Also putting together the Celeron 2.6Ghz system. Much to my dismay it seems that this cheap EBAY motherboard doesn't support DDR at 333Mhz, just 266Mhz. Sheesh. It's only about 2/3 the speed of my old Pentium 4 at 2.4Ghz, using as a comparison the OSU Case Lab Agard Benchmark- question: is it the slow memory or the limited on-chip cache of the Celeron - or both. Doesn't matter I suppose, I'm not going to run out and buy new stuff right now!

Sunday 25 April 2004

Sunday - I took the day off, computer-wise, and didn't even check the email. Watched a bit of TV, but really it was just sort of a 'down day'. Also did some mowing and laundry...

Also started on Neal Stephensons "The Confusion" - it's fiction, but what type? Adventure: it has pirates. Science: Newton and Liebnitz have rolls. Economics: money and economy. And History: kings, queens, electors, tzars... And Geography: England, France, Austria, Egypt, India, Japan, California...

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peg surfs the web
Photo Notes: My Dad's dog really likes his new laptop. In particular the touchpad is easier than a mouse for critters without fingers...

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