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Sunday 23 June 2002

Sunday.  Well, got up late, fed the cats (they insisted), went back to bed. Despite my best efforts was up and about at eight. Oh well. I was pretty useless after that, however. Decided that installing a network card in the laptop was way too much work. Not enough energy for reading up on Linus Torvalds - I do need to get "Just for the Fun of It" back to my brother though. 

Went to the movies with some friends, saw Lilo & Stitch . A nice fun heartwarming Sunday movie. Lots of  the aliens were apparently take-off's of classic disney characters... Put an ATI Rage 128 video card into an eight year old's computer - me, I still limp along with a 2Mb Matrox Millennium II. Of course he works his PC, with all the games, a lot harder than I do...

Monday 24 June 2002
Monday - it's good to be at work refreshed. Spent a bit of time looking at some response oddities. No Langley data yet. Things are moving along here though.

A new torture from Gary's Little Shop of Horrors today - dragging my finger through putty. It's more painful than it sounds. I also get to carry it around and torture myself during the day...

A couple of weeks ago Tim and I were plotting the historical record of the S&P 500 versus it's current decline. The two curves intersect about the 3rd/4th quarter of 2003. Tim mentions hearing a talking head on television stating that he thought the market about 25% overvalued, which would fit in. The guy was also predicting another real estate crash in Southern California - not sure if I buy into that. There are just too many people chasing too few houses right now. ( One of my fellow inmates at the Avenue J Hand Therapy Center For Idiots With Power Tools is a worker for a developer in Canyon Country (who stood a little too close to a circular saw) - and he says things are booming in the half million dollar house market! )

A couple of weeks ago there was a fascinating article in Science News , about archeological finds around retreating glaciers. Apparently they have receded to the point where stuff from 8,000 years ago is being revealed. There was a picture of a spear, tipped with a stone point fastened with sinew, that (to me) was essentially indistinguishable from something made by Amerindians of two hundred years ago! Amazing - it looked a bit like "whipping' that I might use for fastening myself. Every one in a while you see something that briefly brings home the reality of the past. But this stuff only lasts a few days unprotected in the air, and there are a lot of glaciers, so it's a race for the scientists. Wolves are perfectly willing to eat ten thousand year old meat, as well.

Some pesky commie from Red China is trying to hack into my PC tonight it seems (I traced a couple of attempts). Hah! I have a Great (Fire)Wall of my own!!

Tuesday 25 June 2002

Tuesday - a busy day. Helping a friend with a paper, and looking at the CFD results. early days yet. I need to get going on the parallel processing, this is slow.

Wednesday 26 June 2002

When you are keeping a weblog, and get busy, you start to feel guilty if you miss a day or two. I'm not sure why - after all, it's not that it's a job, or that lives depend on it, and certainly no-one has complained (thanks...I guess).   Still...

Silly season, someone called it. The idea of the pledge of allegiance being unconstitutional. I think that we have do have a state religion in this country and it is the courts. When they say "jump" people usually say "how high?".   It started well, activist courts with the best of intentions, and good has been done, but once the taste of power was in the judges' mouths... Any document, be it the Constitution, the King James Bible, the Torah, the Koran, can be interpreted in such a way as to control even the smallest aspect of  life - if the courts are willing to slice and dice the thing with enough interpretation .

It's a bit like Galadriel and the Ring of Power - only she was smart enough to refuse it.

Thursday 27 June 2002

The dinner was at the local Red Lobster. I had the Pacific Snapper and a Fosters, and it was pretty good. After dinner a couple of friends and I went to see "The Sum of All Fears" at the local cineplex.

Not bad, but the lead actor Ben Affleck was not really up to the job - he exuded neither the ex-Marine toughness, or  the CIA acumen & intelligence that John Ryan has in the books. Alec Baldwin  in The Hunt for Red October is my favorite screen "John Ryan", with Harrision Ford in "Patriot Games " and "Clear and Present Danger" being a close runner up. On the other hand, the "John Clark" in this movie was close to what I imagined Tom Clancy's character being like.

My friends stayed to watch another movie, Spiderman, but I went home. It was late, and I'd seen it before...

Friday 28 June 2002

Friday - a busy day. Still looking at, interpreting and trying to improve the CFD results. Met with my management about these, and other issues. Met a bunch of undergraduate students here for the summer - they look like a bright bunch, though only 2 of 8 were aerospace engineering students. The NASA engineer talking to them mentioned that because of the graying of NASA that roughly 30% of it's technical personnel would leave in the next five years. Because of the lean lean 70's and 80's there aren't a lot of personnel in the pipeline to take up the slack.

More hand therapy - the finger just doesn't bend. Bah.

The space shuttle Endeavor left Edward's for Florida this morning, piggy backed on top of a 747. Because the heat shield tiles are very fragile they cannot fly through rain or any form of precipitation and have to wait for a clear path. Usually there is another transport flying an hour or so ahead of them to check the path. When the combined vehicle rolls by you it's an amazing sight! Huge!! This is of the Discovery from a year or so ago:

747 with piggy backed shutle discovery

Saturday 29 June 2002

Saturday  - feeling a little under the weather, alas. Got up, did a little editing on a friend's thesis, talked to some other friends, and then basically lazed the day away. I feel guilty...

Picture of the Week 
christmas racoon  

Photo Notes:  This is the one of the many racoon's that hang around my fathers house - this shot was actually taken late Christmas Day 2001. This being week 25 of the year, it seemed appropriate somehow. My fathers dog doesn't really care for raccoon's using the roof as a pathway, and lets her displeasure be known by loud and outraged barking...

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