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WEEK 6 2004

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Saturday 7 February 2004

Saturday - still sick. Argghhh.

Friday 6 February 2004

Friday - back, but not feeling well.

Thursday 5 February 2004

Thursday - back in town. Tired.

Wednesday 4 February 2004

Wednesday - heading back to Lancaster. There are resumes to work on, and rumors of possible job offers to look at. Nothing specific, but time to start all that stuff up.

Here is a different kind of spaceship. The Orion concept was to use exploding nuclear bombs to propel a very large space ship ahead of it. Theoretical, but interesting.

Tuesday 3 February 2004

Tuesday - a year ago I was talking about the loss of the space shuttle Columbia in this web space. How time flies. No shuttle has flown since, though one may fly late this year, and a plan is now in effect that will ground them all in a few years. We will finish that space station using their relatively large payload capability, and then call it quits with them. What will replace them? No-one knows, really. Vague talk about a capsule launch system, the CEV, but a definite goal of getting to the moon.

Well, that's something.

We were watching some History Channel shows - one on the Wright Brothers, and and another on battleships. What a difference. The show about the Wright brothers ( The Wright Challenge ) discussed in sufficient, but not exhaustive detail, how they went about designing and flying their aircraft, and current efforts to replicate the same in time for the Centennial of Flight. The series of episodes on battleships was, despite it's length, superficial and with little or no new information.

Monday 2 February 2004

Monday - it's raining. Lot's of rain - it's fun to hear the drumming of rain drops and to watch it blow sideways in the wind. If I were commuting to work it'd be different, but I got to stay inside and sip at a cup of coffee. The teevee folk are playing it up as much as possible, but there really isn't much damage. A few streets with a couple of inches of water, a bit of snow in the mountains, all needed after a dry year.

I guess Janet Jackson exposed herself on TV during the half time show. We watched part of it, and we were repulsed by it even without noticing that. Totally without class of any kind. The network said that they had people watching rehearsals of the show, which consisted of various simulated sex acts culminating in a rough simulated topless exposure, (a perfect fit for a family show during family viewing hours, to their minds) and it hadn't happened then. They were shocked, shocked, at the network office, and were going to round up the usual suspects....

Personally, I have more respect for the creators and performers of the Lingerie Bowl half-time show.

The commercials, something that in the past you could look forward too - garbage at the humor level of a ten year old. And I'm maligning ten year olds at that.

Sunday 1 February 2004

Sunday - arrived at a fairly reasonable hour at my father's place. I made the mistake of taking a "shortcut" on the way up Saturday - a rural road in the central valley that looked as if it was going in the right direction... No harm done, just a little lost time, something I've plenty of right now.

The game was interesting. I didn't know much about either team, but picked the Carolina Panther's, the underdogs, as "my" team, just to make it interesting. It started off slow, then of the best football games I've ever seen. My team lost, in the last few seconds, to a field goal...but wow, what a game.

Cost me a quarter, too. Urkkk.

Picture of the Week
Cat and Mouse
Photo Notes: While posting this is what I have to contend with: unless locked in the garage the cat continually attacks the mouse, it's cord, or my hand. Blogging can be painful sometimes...

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