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WEEK 8 2003

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Saturday 22 February 2003

Saturday - my friend Tim came up for the weekend, with his wife and new baby. It's a gorgeous infant, and remarkably quiet. I can't recall a better natured little girl. Cute too. We all went out to dinner - but I forgot the camera. Darn. Oh well.

My father sent me a link to a web page camera of the bridge - they are finally building the deck. Actually it is apparently built in large sections elsewhere and raised from a barge and connected together at the bridge site. There is a possibility that the bridge in the picture of the week below is carrying a bridge deck section. I wish I was up there on a non-holiday, non-weekend day, so that I could see the action. Of course, it's probably pretty slow. Only on Toonami do you see thousand ton chunks of steel flung about quickly. And, sorry, I don't have the bridgecam link handy. Sorry. Next week maybe....

Friday 21 February 2003

Friday - a good night's sleep does wonders. I finished up most of the weeks modeling task. We are also going to run some cross checks and more in-depth analysis on some other runs from earlier in the year. All the computers will be working overtime while we humans play this weekend. Well, if the power stays up, anyway....

Thursday 20 February 2003

Thursday - dinner at El Torito's. I was so tired that I didn't dare drink a Margharita - now that's tired. Home and to bed early.

I did watch a couple of minutes of a "Bachelor" special. The engagement is off, it seems. The girl seemed nice enough, the guy like a typical jock/jerk. It's not really my sort of show.

Wednesday 19 February 2003

Wednesday - lots of work, so short shrift here. If finding more fault seems like an improvement, maybe that says something about my own character. Ah well.

odometer at 249 thousand

Tuesday 18 February 2003

Tuesday - back at work. Still a bit tired. Our 'patched' systems aren't a patched as we thought, apparently. And the scans seem to be improving - now they are finding even more faults.

Monday 17 February 2003

Monday - drove back to Lancaster. It was an OK trip, moderately busy, but not Thanksgiving or Memorial Day levels of traffic.

The car rolled over 249,000 on the way down - a few hundred more miles and it will be 250,000. Actually, given that occasionally the odometer stops working it may already be at or beyond that completely arbitrary (but wonderful) number.

Sunday 16 February 2003

Sunday - Not a lot going on. We went down to the local marina and watched the boats out on the water and some guys - adults - playing with kites. Admittedly cool kites, but still... The water level was up over the banks of the river for some reason. It had been raining, and it was certainly a high tide, and perhaps there was some sort of lunar tide thing going on. I had a chance to take a good picture and didn't. Darn me anyway...

Picture of the Week
barge moored on the sacramento river

Photo Notes: On this recent trip I took a picture of a barge moored out on the river. Note the little benches - I didn't even see them, but they add something to the picture. As a photographer I make a pretty good engineer...

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