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WEEK 10 2005

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Saturday 12 March 2005

Saturday - whoa. I went to some yard sales with my friends and ended up with a Tivo for $50. Pretty cool. It seems that my friend and the astronaut, Gordon Fullerton, has seen it at a yard sale a while back, new in box, and Gordo had bought it. Then, yesterday, a yard sale turned out to be at Gordo's and R asked him how it was working. When it turned out that Gordo wasn't using it I bought it for $50. Cool. Now, to see if it works...

Friday 11 March 2005

Friday - still just working away. I heard from my father - he had a plumber come by and repipe the gas line to the new stove and it is now working well. Heh. Add plumber's fee to the cost of the new range and it's the most expensive three baked potato's he ever ate!

I put in a few tomato plants, an eggplant and a pepper plant into the vegetable bed yesterday. Overnight the beetles devoured the eggplant - there is nothing left. Ugh. Since the last official frost day in the AV is the 15th I was loaned some plastic mill cartons that have been cut in half, to use at night to protect the plants from the frost. I should mention that the weather here has been wonderful, in the 70's, and perhaps into the 80's.

Thursday 10 March  2005

Thursday - still busy. I did go out and buy a new laptop. The old laptop was just too slow and too limited in memory to work with the code I develop, which caused various sorts of trouble when traveling. The new laptop is a Sony Pentium M, 1.73Ghz, with 1Gb of Ram, and runs the OSU STARS benchmark in 409 seconds, which is neck and neck with a standard 3.2Ghz P4 benchmark of 404 seconds. Very respectable.

It has built in wireless as well - but I turned off the wireless transmitter in my router/firewall a few weeks ago and now I can't get back into the setup. It won't accept the password, and the hardware reset button is not working. It's always something.... None the less, the wired ethernet through the built in RJ45 connector works fine, and I can access my LAN or the internet through that.

Wednesday 9 March 2005

Wednesday - busy, busy, busy.

Tuesday 8 March 2005

Tuesday - working away, not a lot to say. There were a couple of teevee shows I wanted to watch, but some moronic basketball game was going on instead.

I saw part of a show on seismic retrofits to the Golden Gate Bridge. Apparently they are doing a lot of work, while keeping the overall look of the bridge intact. In fact they claimed that eventually the structure of the bridge would be entirely replaced, bit by bit. I wonder how they plan to replace the main suspension cables?

Monday 7 March 2005

Monday - Saturday we went to the San Diego Zoo, and it was a lot of fun. I'd never been there before - it was quite a place. We did see the Panda's. They are bigger than I thought, but rather immobile. They had mole rats as well - smaller but much more active. Also gorilla's, elephants, tigers, polar bears, giraffes and much much more.

 I loaned out my digital camera to someone and haven't gotten it back yet, I should have some pics when I do....

Sunday 6 March 2005

Sunday - the Saturday night party, for a friends 80th birthday, went well. There were several nice speeches - all mercifully short, and I had the good fortune to be seated across from a classmate of the guest of honor. A high school classmate. He had some interesting stories, and we agreed that it was probably a good thing that the statute of limitations exists.

Drove back, at night, on Highway 138. I hate that road. Something weird and/or dangerous seems to happen every time I am on it. This time, apart from the slow semi's, the tailgaters and a constant wall of oncoming headlights it was punks in two or three cars doing donuts on and off the road directly in front of me. Stupid jerks.

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Photo Notes: Sailboat on San Francisco Bay, California.

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