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WEEK 29 2018

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Saturday 21 July  2018
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Tuesday 17 July 2018
Tuesday - Hot and somewhat humid.  Humid as in about 20%, at which point the swamp cooler will work, but very inefficiently.  My house was about 85F inside all day.

In the morning I worked on the frames for the reflective screening.  I discovered that the "good" dado bit was missing one of it's three cutters, bah.  So I used the wobble dado on the radial arm saw.  It's been years since I used one, and I'm not much of a carpenter to start with.  It's a much rougher cut than you'd expect.

The uprights have three dado cuts each, for the top, middle, and bottom.  I have a middle piece (a 1x3) because my windows are just slightly too large for the reflective fabric, and it will look better - there is a house nearby with entire windows of about my size, covered in single piece screens and it doesn't look good. The top and bottom pieces have two cuts - one on each end. I fiddled around until I had the depth right, with extra bits, then made the cuts.  I didn't realize until too late that the wood was kind of springy and soft, and so a few have cuts too shallow or too deep. Oh well. I dry assembled them, and they look like they'll be OK.  These are really more proof-of-concept items.  The second was definitely better cut than the first.

I was going to glue them up, but it was noon and 102F out, and I wanted to let the dogs into the garage. Tomorrow...

I spent the afternoon working on the app.  S called, late afternoon, and we talked about some of the changes she wants.

Looking at the tax stuff, there is a number I can call.  I'll try that tomorrow. My own tax people have never called back, it's a week tomorrow since I called them...

Looking at the stars last night, I realized that Jupiter is in Libra, my constellation.

Monday 16 July  2018
Monday - Hot and somewhat humid.

I went into town and picked up some 1x4's for the screening.  It's overkill, but it matches what is already on the house.  I also picked up some strips of wood.  I was going to get molding, to hold the screen in place, but they want over a dollar a foot.  Incredible.  This is "lattice" wood, for repairing lattices I assume, and it's only a half dollar a foot.  I only bought enough for a couple of windows, I want to see what it looks like.

In any case it will be cheaper to rip my own than to get ripped off by Home Depot.

There was a huge line, because they had only one cashier open at the contractors exit, on a Monday, in summer, at 10am.  Morons.  Then, just to compound the annoyances, they wanted to bring a forklift full of 2x10's through that exit, to do stocking with.  On a Monday, at 10am.

I don't complain about these things in public, usually, but I told the cashier of my opinion of how they did business, and that if I were corporate the store would have a new manager and floor manager tomorrow...

I found my dados, both the cutter version and the wobble blade, so I'll try some simple lap joints.  It doesn't have to be fancy.  I've never changed the blade on the table saw - it didn't work before - but I imagine they will fit the radial arm saw.

What with shopping and laundry day the morning was shot, but I did get in a good 5 hours of app work in the afternoon.  In theory I am supposed to be done by October for the other work down in Ventura, but it's going slow.

Got a bill from the IRS.  Apparently their left hand and right hand don't talk.  They know I had Obamacare (Kaiser) last year, and yet want to penalize me for not having it...  Bah.

Spent a good five hours on the app, starting to make progress again.

Sunday 15 July 2018
Sunday - Hot. And kind of humid.

Went shopping with S.  Spent over $100 on groceries, mostly because I hadn't really been shopping in three weeks.

This would be Dad's 95th.  Hard to imagine.  Wish he was still around.

M says his ex-girlfriend is a care giver for a 102yo woman.  Wow.

Since it was so blamed hot I didn't do much outside.  I worked on the app in the afternoon.

In the evening there was a dramatic conjunction of Venus and the New Moon.  I dragged the scope out, but couldn't get any light through it, and had to give up on that.

Later I realized that it was just the multi-eyepiece adapter.  There is a detent, so you know when you've aligned the eyepiece properly with the tube, but you can also twist the eyepiece tube, so you can be looking out of one of the three of the four eyepieces that isn't passing the light through!  Duh.

Anyway, not the kind of thing you want to mess with just before bed time, so I'll adjust things tomorrow.  Maybe put a strip of white paint to mark to view quadrant.

Book #30 was Uncharted, by Kevin Anderson and Sarah Hoyt.  Meh.  An alternate fantasy world in which Lewis and Clark set out to find the far side of the continent, but with dragons and zombie Indians...

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Cayucos Beach.

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