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WEEK 38 2019 

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Saturday 21 September  2019

Saturday -

Friday 20 September  2019

Friday -

Thursday 19 September 2019

Thursday - A nice day. I never turned on the a/c.

I went into town and picked up some oil and a filter for the Ram, then went to Scott's, where he put it on the lift and changed the oil.  Man, it's hard to get to, and would make a real mess if you were laying on the ground at home. And then you'd have 7 quarts of oil to dispose of!

Afterwards I went by Walmart and picked up a couple of items - another area rug, some towels, and suchlike.

I filled the gas tank at Chevron, and reset the trip odometer.  I averaged 18.1mpg for the first 600 miles, not bad, since it includes slow windy mountain roads!

Home again, I tried to work on the app and STARS, but the internet went out at noon, and never came back.  It was an area outage, not just me, but didn't affect my neighbor to the north. Weird.

I brought in a couple of the old area rugs, and ran the Eufy robotic vacuum, and the two older cats hid for most of the day after that. Budd seemed delighted with the rugs.

Wednesday 18 September 2019

Wednesday - Warm.

I was feeling very unwell, nauseous and upset stomach, so didn't get up until nearly noon, and didn't do much for the rest of the day. Weird.

GH did come by, and we unloaded the shelving units from the trailer, and brought the teevee back into the house. I don't see doing the floor until late October or November, so I may as well get things back where they should be for now.

Tuesday 17 September  2019

Tuesday - Warming up.

I was tired and sore, from the hike, but not too bad.

I can't get into the shop at Scott's until Friday, so I had to cancel my visit with TB this coming weekend.  I only have about 600 miles on the RAM, but that first oil change is one of the most important, with bits of foreign material and metal and assembly lube and gunk in the oil.

Supposedly, if you use synthetic, you can go 10,000 miles between oil changes.  I can hear my father laughing in disbelief.

Monday 16 September 2019

Monday - Warm.

Taxes were due, so I wrote out a couple of checks the other day, and brought them into town to mail.

S had found some used metal shelves in town, cheap, so I took the Explorer and utility trailer and Aaron and we loaded everything up (I need a hitch with a much bigger drop to attach the trailer to the Ram, one more thing to research and buy).

She'd also prepaid for about 100' of tensioning wire for a chain link fence, which wasn't there any more, so the seller let me pick out a tool, and I chose an old L.S. Sterrett Protractor Square that was sitting in a cardboard box. It's probably worth $25 or so, so it's a fair deal.

Aaron himself bought a toolbox and a few hand tools, including an antique OEM combo wrench for a Ford Model T spark plug, so he was happy.

Sunday 15 September 2019

Sunday - Hot, about 100F in Lancaster.

The neighbor boys wanted to hike Mt. Baden-Powell, so I went along. In fact I drove the RAM with everybody, and we had a great trip. The weather at the mountain was just about perfect, it was maybe 65F, and just a gentle zephyr now and again.

I wasn't sure the leg and hip were up to it, but managed, with encouragement, to make it to the top.  That trail gets steeper every year!

I didn't go shopping with S, as  I was hiking, and I plan to leave for points north later in the week.

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Coyote crossing 85th Street
A coyote crossing the road ahead.

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