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WEEK 12 2018

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Saturday 17 March 2018
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Thursday 15 March 2018
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Wednesday 14 March 2018

Wednesday - Wet and rainy.  Not particularly cold: I wanted to run the pellet stove( because fire is the devils Ed's friend), but the house warmed up so quickly that I had to turn it off after an hour or two.  I think we had several hours of good rain, at least a tenth of an inch.

Paperwork was the order of the day, going through numerous boxes of old mail and documents and shredding the personally identifiable stuff, tossing a bunch of other stuff.

I was hoping I was through with tax documentation, but received a call in the evening that there are a couple of documents from the Yarmouth stuff that they still need. Sigh.

I wanted to clean, particularly the floors, but didn't get around to it much.  The house is incredibly dusty - the gloss black Teevee, installed in the house for less than two months looks like it's been undusted for years.  I could buy a commercial dust elimination system, but they are incredibly expensive, it'd probably be cheaper and more sensible to build several of my own and put them around the house.  Once there is some landscaping in front this should diminish, but it seems likely to be a permanent problem to some extent.

Tuesday 13 March 2018
Tuesday - It's the Vernal Equinox.  Went out and took some pictures.  There was a cloud deck, but it ended some miles to the east, so there was a small strip of clear sky to see the rising sun! The Picture of the Week, down at the bottom of the page, shows this.

And, since everything is aligned with the roads, here is a photo at sunrise, looking the other way - due west, with my shadow stretching out several hundred feet along the street:

equinox shadow
I like to think of myself as 'casting a long shadow'.

Spent the morning assembling tax stuff.  Sent it off, eventually, via email to the tax people. I think they have what they need now.  I'm wondering, what the damage will be this year?

It was gray and overcast, and A couldn't make it over to start the fencing, so I cleaned the garage - I actually was looking for my tote of batteries to try out the level and laser measure.  Never did find them though, strange, but the garage was getting pretty cluttered up. 

This was quite a chore - I re-assembled the shelves from the other day, and moved a bunch of stuff onto them.  I threw out a bunch of stuff, and, in the end, was able to get the Explorer into the garage - first time that's happened in a while, it's been outside since I moved out of the old place!!

Wrapped up at 4pm, just as it started raining.

Monday 12 March  2018
Monday - Tax stuff in the morning.  For some reason they are having trouble receiving documents from me via email.

Then I went and got some more fence hardware in town.  Specifically I swapped the unused 6' posts for 7' posts, and bought some tension wire for the bottom of the fence.  I bought some posts to replace some of my old fencing as well.

I had been looking recently for an identical trash disposal, to replace the failed unit at my house without having to re-plumb, but hadn't been able to find the correct model at Home Depot.  While shopping at Lowe's I just happened to walk by an end cap display with that model on sale - so I bought it.  Even on sale the Insinkerator brand was a bit more expensive than Waste King or whoever, but it should be a ten minute job to replace it now.  In general one shouldn't use a trash disposal with a septic system, but since everything was plumbed for it I took the lazy way out.  I haven't used the old one, because it doesn't turn, and it hasn't been a particularly difficult life.

AH came over to help for a bit with the fence posts, but we didn't have time to really start before it started raining.

There was a neighborhood power outage for about an hour, mid morning.

Sunday 11 March 2018
Sunday - This Blogs 16th anniversary.

I did a bit of shopping with S at WinCo, then we went over to Lowe's and picked up some chain link fence hardware. We met up with a couple of the Hick's boys to load it, and then went by her house and picked up Mr. Turtle and his tank paraphernalia, and brought it all back to my place.

There we unloaded the fencing stuff into the back yard, and cleaned and assembled and filled the turtle tank in the front room.  And put Mr. Turtle in, on his platform.

I'd made sure to add warm water to the tank, and after about 45 minutes he dove in and swam about cautiously.

Did some computer work, assembling tax stuff to send off tomorrow.

Picture of the Week

Vernal Equinox Sunrise down D-14

Vernal Equinox Sunrise, March 2018, Antelope Acres.

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