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WEEK 4 2016

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Saturday 23 January  2016
Saturday - Went to yard sales with friends in the morning, didn't get much: a bird feeder, a couple of cans of Rustoleum paint cheap.

Dinner at the Japanese place in the Target shopping center. It was OK, not spectacular.

Friday 22  January 2016
Friday - Still slow, still working away on the report.

Thursday 21 January 2016
Thursday - Again, pretty slow. Working away on the report. Two hundred lateral sheets to be entered, and cross checked against other stuff, images to be chosen and entered, and all that. Kind of tedious...

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Wednesday - Not much to say, just working away on stuff.

Tuesday 19 January 2016
Tuesday - Typical weather for Lancaster in winter, not very exciting.

Back to work, getting the inspection paperwork started and sorted. Not really much to say about that, just a grind, really.

Monday  18 January 2016
Monday - A quiet day, I didn't do much at first, some cleaning up around the house.

S called, and volunteered to help with the rose pruning, and the sail cover (this was a Christmas 'gift' from two years ago).

This goes a lot quicker now that the river rock keeps most of the other stuff from growing, perhaps a half hour or forty five minutes instead of two or three hours.

We then looked at the sail cover, and even did some cutting and hemming of one edge, basically to ensure that the old sewing machine works. It does, Yay!

In celebration of this I took her and Roger to lunch at the Domingo's in Lancaster. It was a bit spicy for me, actually, and the pork was a bit too gamey for my taste. Oh well.

Sunday  17 January 2016
Sunday - A bit of shopping in the morning, then some chores around the house. I bummed a haircut off S in the morning, things were getting a bit shaggy up on top.

One thing I found yesterday was the old set of hair cutting shears in the garage that I'd told S I'd fix, probably more than a year ago.

It had a bad cord, so I took it apart, cut out the back section of cord, soldered the remaining piece back in, and reassembled things. I had to drill out the end, as they'd cast the old cord in a rubber stopper, but the drill handled a little bit of rubber rather better than I expected.

I had to get out my Dad's old soldering gun - another Ward's 'Powercraft' tool, that still works well, thirty or forty years after he bought it. My little pencil soldering iron just wasn't heating things up enough.

I had an invite from some friends to go see the Bronco's and Steeler's play, and went over in the afternoon. The Bronco's were remarkably flat in the first half, which worried me because my friends were big Bronco's fans. But they came back in the second half and won, so that was cool.

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Yeto's Market in Saticoy

Yeto's Market, Saticoy.

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