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WEEK 3 2016

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Saturday 16 January  2016
Saturday - Working away on various things. Lunch with friends - I overate, actually, and didn't even feel like dinner.

Watched Mr. Holmes and the Shaun The Sheep movies at R&S's.  Meh.

Friday 15  January 2016
Friday - Working away on stuff.

It's tax day, so I sent off a few grand to Uncle Sam and to Sacramento. I also set off a couple of grand to my credit card company - I have no balance again, which is the way I like it. And the car insurance was due, another half-grand. So, an expensive morning.

I did some shopping, picked up various needful things for the house, and cleaned house a bit. My back still hurts from vacuuming last Thursday at the rental, BTW.

One thing I did was pick up a small, 1 Terabyte (heh) drive at Staples ($59, not $50, but so it goes), and format it as HFS Extended, Journaled with Disk Utility, and then started a Super Duper bootable backup. I only have about 300 Gigabytes used of the 750  on the MacBook, but it was still running when I went to bed.

Book #3 was The Aeronaut's Windlass, by James Butcher. Interesting fantasy/sci-fi. Steampunk I guess, though maybe it's science disguised at magic?

Thursday 14 January 2016
Thursday - Again, not much going on, windy and cloudy but not any rain. None even forecast.

I did go through my pictures from the job, printing out materials tickets for those that the Contractor didn't have a copy of, on site, and of those where my copy was unreadable but the non-carbon original was legible. This took a while, it's over 2000 pictures.

I also backed up some more stuff on the Mac Book. It occurs to me that what I really need is a bootable external USB drive, with everything I currently use on it before installing El Capitan. This is what I did for the upgrade to Yosemite, and external drives are about $50 now, so it's a nice reassurance. So I'll go get one of those. I have, supposedly, everything backed up onto the Time Machine drive, but it isn't bootable and I don't really trust it.

I picked up that last library book, and it was Straits of Hell, by Taylor Andersen. And after reading the first page, realized I had read it before, over the 4th of July weekend, but not recorded it here. So, I've it to last years stuff, see week_52_2015....

S came over in the evening briefly. Kirk's old boy scout troop is shutting down, after about 50 years, and as advancement chair she needed to be there for the last meeting. I went along because I've been on several boards and one hiking trip. Kind of sad, but the times have changed. They were down to one scout, who was moving to Ohio, but he was active in the troop there, so that's good.

There was also some computer work. A family member had spilled hot chocolate into their laptop. She'd ordered a new keyboard, and we were able (with the assistance of YouTube) to install the new one in a few minutes. She also had issues with some software on her own laptop, so we fixed that as well.

And, of course, discussed the "don't touch the ducky" app, at length. She's changed out a couple of the images, and also substituted a new class for an old one, so I need to get those in, as well as get the new levels in.

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Wednesday - Working away on this and that, not much to say.

Tuesday 12 January 2016
Tuesday - Some clouds, so it's warmer - in the 40's - but no rain. Feeling just a bit better.

I am slowly working my way through all the stuff I brought back from Ventura. Among which was a set of unpaid bills from early December. Yikes.

I also need to send some quarterly taxes to the IRS.

I'm in the process trying to generate a complete set of final, digital, notes from my field notes. It's a bit depressing - I did my darnedest to stay on top of things, yet there is so much that I missed out there. Sigh.

Originally I was going to use a tablet, in the field, and have plenty of extra time because this was supposed to be part time. That didn't happen, so now I'm scrambling to get things organized.

I picked up a half dozen books at the library when I was over getting the Explorer worked on, and have been reading my way through them.

Book #2 was Solar Express, by L.E. Modesitt. This is very much in the vein of A.C. Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama (1973), and not much actually happens (again, similar to Clarke's mostly cerebral story). The plot of both: An huge alien vessel enters the solar system, but is almost on a collision course with the Sun. Humanity mounts an expedition to investigate, but doesn't have much time before perihelion, and the alien super science is so advanced that not much can be learned.

Rama was decent enough, but had a bunch of increasingly silly sequels, this probably won't.

Monday  11 January 2016
Monday - Still not feeling good. I wanted to blame it on the Indian food, but S says everyone else felt fine.

Perhaps it was the six week old opened jar of pesto I put on the tortellini's on Saturday. Nah....

There are vast mountains of laundry to be done, but I'm just not up to it.

Sunday  10 January 2016
Sunday - A quiet day, I didn't do much.

In fact I was kind of sick all day - started feeling bad yesterday afternoon, despite trying to work on the SSD closeout work, and eventually realized that the Indian lunch was NOT sitting well with me.

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Cayucos Beach looking north

A beach scene, Cayucos, 2015.

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