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WEEK 3 2011

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Saturday 22 January 2011
Saturday - feeling better. I brought some books back to the library, picked up a couple. Finally delivered some gifts to friends from their daughter in San Francisco. Helped schlep their boy home from Scouts.

Got home, did some unpacking, discovered more (already overdue) library books....

Friday 21 January 2011
Friday - Slept most of the day, feeling a bit feverish.

I did rouse myself in the evening to go to the LPAC with friends...only to discover the tickets are for two weeks from now. I am sure that I was told this weekend, I would have bet money on it. The theater, and the meetings mid-week (which weren't all that important) were the main reasons I came back (though I am so tired I really wouldn't/couldn't have done much more up there).

Riley, getting ready for a nap in the sunny bedroom...

Thursday 20 January 2011

Thursday - back in Lancaster, not feeling very functional. My arms and hands still hurt, and in particular my joints. A preview of arthritis I suppose. My mother had it and my paternal grandmother had a quite literally crippling case of it as she grew older, it's possible it will affect me as well. Not helped much by a bad case of insomnia the last few days...

Book #9 was Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott. I hadn't read this since I was a child, probably a pre-teen, so it was all new to me. I certainly didn't remember the heavy religious sentiments. And Beth dying was a surprise. Yikes.

Book #10 was Good Wives, also by Alcott. This is often published in a single volume with Little Women, but they were written and published originally at different times, and I'm going to count them that way. So there. Jo marries the German dude, rather than the boy next store. Which I knew was coming, having read Sheila O'Malley bemoaning the fact some time ago (in 2007, weird how the memory works).

Wednesday 19 January 2011

Wednesday - Down to Ventura, and had the meeting. It really wasn't much. Then I had another meeting in the afternoon with my boss, then headed home in early evening.

I did go by the boat (and took a nap!), and there was, once again, significant amounts of water in the bilges. It wasn't over the floorboards, and the bilge pump was set to automatic, so I guess the switch has, perhaps, lost its flotation ability? It works if I manually hold the button, and it works if I lift the float manually. Very annoying.

Because the fuel tank was completely submerged in the first even I have to wonder if any water got in the diesel? It's old fuel, from 2009, maybe I should pump it out and give it to somebody and put new fuel in anyway.

Tuesday 18 January 2011
Tuesday - back in Lancaster, and absolutely exhausted.

I did run the weekly reports for the client, and I have to be down in Ventura early tomorrow, for a meeting with the client, then another with the boss.

Monday 17 January 2011

Monday -  I had plans to get on the road by 9am or so. But, as usual, there were so many small chores to do that it was actually 2pm by the time I got on the road.

For one thing I discovered that I had broken the kitchen drain line in multiple places. Simply trying to use plumbers tape to make it into a straight supported fall caused it to break at every single joint. Every one. Too many to fix, in the end. I put a barrier over the kitchen sink and a not saying not to use it. I'll fix it next trip - it's not a hard fix, but it'll take time.

I am surprised that my father didn't use the plumbers tape on the drain - he did very good plumbing work usually. In the picture from last week you can see the dryer vent he put in, for example, neatly supported every three feet. The copper line is properly secured to the back of the 2x4's, using a copper strip and copper nails.

I suspect that this was some of the last work he did, in the early 90's, after my mother had her first strokes. Mentally and physically it was probably the best job he could do. A number of unfinished household improvements also date from that period. And when she was gone he mostly stopped caring.

I also had to fix the side gate, which completely disintegrated when I kicked it last week. I was trying to open it when it was swollen shut by swelling in the rain, and age and bad design did it in. It'll have to be replaced at some point, but for now it should do.

Kind of a demolition week for me, completely by chance.

So, about fifty hours of work in eight days. I took Tuesday off for the San Francisco visit, this Monday was partial, and a couple of other days were cut short by one thing or another.

Still I feel that the house is coming along. We're not on final yet, but are, perhaps, turning onto base. Yay.

Sunday 16 January 2011

Sunday - another long day, more blocks, more painting, and more cleaning out under the house. That is mostly done, but I'm just beat. And I destroyed another pair of jeans...

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january snow in lancaster
Photo Notes: A snowfall in Lancaster, Jan 2, 2011.

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