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WEEK 5 2016

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Saturday 30 January  2016
Saturday - I brought in some more firewood, since they are still predicting rain and a storm. They are predicting wind gusts to 60mph, which is pretty high, though not unheard of in the Antelope Valley. We'll see I guess.

A friend found me a fireplace grate insert, the tube kind. It's a bit big for my fireplace, but I'm thinking of ways to cut it down to fit.

Friday 29  January 2016
Friday - The promised storm is still promised, though the local radar says nothing is near. Hmmm. Maybe just more hype.

Thursday 28 January 2016
Thursday - Cold and grey most of the day.

Not feeling well, but working on things a bit.

Book #4 was A Call To Arms, by David Weber (and Timothy Zahn and Thomas Pope). This is sort of a 'prequel' to his Honor Harrington series. I read the first, was unimpressed, and only picked up the library copy of the second in this series (Manticore Ascendant) because there wasn't much else on the new books shelf. It turned out to be reasonably well done.

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Wednesday - Clear and moderate, though they are now predicting a big storm for the weekend.

I went for a long walk in the morning, feeling rather claustrophobic around the house.

Working away on things.

Tuesday 26 January 2016
Tuesday - Still cool and hazy, though only down to about freezing at night. I ran the sprinkler's, since ants scouts have been making their appearance in the kitchen - it's been fairly dry and the sprinklers haven't been on, they might just need moisture.

Got all the pictures in, and am assembling a set of folders with all pics for all laterals. That takes a while. The other task is to assemble a punch list for a few measurements and pictures that I need from the field.

My Documentation for the boat, from the Coast Guard, finally arrived. I had to re-apply since I was more than 45 days late, but they gave themselves six months to respond.

Monday  25 January 2016
Monday - Kind of cool and hazy. There is supposed to be a nice comet in Ursa Major, but the haze and a full moon make it impossible to see.

Since I'm inserting pictures into the (Word) forms I wanted smaller versions than the 10 megapixel originals. Gimp never installed properly on the MacBook, so the batch scripting doesn't work. But, as I have the nice Win7 work laptop I just installed Gimp on it, installed the 'Dave's Batch Editor' plug-in, and it did it easily enough. For some reason it had a max limit of 1300 items, so I had to make two passes for my 2200 items, but it went quickly enough.

Then I started dragging and dropping them in, and that went pretty quick, I was probably 75% done by 5pm and time to knock off.

Sunday  24 January 2016
Sunday - Some chores and errands around the house and yard.

S had borrowed my little utility trailer a while back, to move yard waste from her office. I picked up her and we went over and got it.

Driving back to her house we had trouble, stuff falling off the trailer. This is partially a problem with age - the "temporary" gate I put on the back seven or eight years ago is failing, and partially that her handyman had put light bags of leaves on top of the heavy bags of debris, and they starting coming off. Even driving a sedate 25mph was almost too fast. I should have brought a tarp, but I'd assumed that A. would have loaded the trailer appropriately. Not so.

I'll keep the trailer at the house for a few days and fix it up.

Anyway, we dropped off a bunch of the leaves at S's house for use as compost. The rest went to my house for greenwaste. There were also some cut branches and logs, and I tossed them over the fence and will dry them for firewood.

We then took a few minutes to prune my peach tree. It was pretty well pruned last year, so this year went quick, with us just getting rid of a bunch of newer suckers.

After this we undertook to sew the zippers on the sail cover, a fairly involved bit of sewing. Fortunately the Sail Rite company had a nice video on YouTube that made sense to S, and we got the zipper on.

We've been using her grandmother's sewing machine, which can sew sturdy 'Sunbrella' fabric, rather than a newer lighter duty machine. It works pretty well, though sewing a zipper to a folded over hem was taxing.

I had an invite from some friends to go see the Bronco's play, and went over in the afternoon. I was actually a few minutes late, since we'd thought it started at 1:00pm, and actually it started at 12:00. The Bronco's won, playing pretty well and we were all happy. Then we watched the Panther's utterly demolish the Cardinal's. Yikes.

I'd been talking to Aaron about building a little house out in Antelope Acres, and he mentioned that he'd talked to one of his neighbor's, who said that it took $50k in fee's and permits before he could even start building. Sheesh. Someone else had told me that it took several dozen permits and approvals.

Idaho is looking good again, despite the weather.

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Yeto's Market in Saticoy

Yeto's Market, Saticoy.

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