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WEEK 5 2009

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Saturday 31 January 2009
Saturday - mostly the cats and I just napped.

The Ethernet-USB adapter arrived, and I plugged it into the back of the TIVO. Worked fine, right out of the box. I went to the TIVO setup screen and it had already realized there was an Ethernet adapter, and posted a message to the effect that it would use that, rather than the phone line. Fine, fine. However the video-on-demand wasn't available, a message about that stating that I had to go to the TIVO web page and turn it on there, and that it would then activate in the next day or so. I went to the web page, and that option was already set. Went back and checked: still no video-on-demand.

Several hours later there is still no video-on-demand. Odd. I assumed that it was a disclaimer and that the actual service would be available as soon as the database was updated, likely a matter of a few seconds or minutes. Apparently not.


Well, we'll see tomorrow. There really isn't that much I want to watch, but I figure...why not?

Update 7pm: Well, it works. It's a bit slow, compared with my fathers' cable modem, but I was able to download a video (not the one I wanted, but what the heck) and watch it.

Movies are apparently through, and, if you like, you can also subscribe to Netflix. They don't have all their stuff online, but some is.

Friday 30 January 2009

Friday - another warm day. I was working the east end of Simi Valley, and the winds weren't too bad. A solid eight hours, though my helper did not show up and did not call or respond to a message left at his work phone.

After work I met with the boss, got some more stuff to look at over the weekend. But it's Super Bowl weekend, so I don't suppose I'll get much done on Sunday afternoon.

Traffic on the drive home was rather horrible. I'd met Dave at the REI in Reseda. Somehow I made a wrong turn heading back to the 118, realized I was lost and pulled out the GPS, and it decided to take me east via side streets directly to the 405, rather than return me to the 118. I knew it was doing something weird, I should have been going north, not east - but when I zoomed out the GPS to check on things it would immediately zoom back in to a close street view.

I hate smartass machines that think they know what you want and refuse to do what you ask them to.

Reseda, I might say, is full of punks in little rat cars with loud stereo's, flaunting the law, politeness and common sense at every possible opportunity. I decided not to take my attention off the road and just follow the GPS. Eventually it came through, but the TomTom One has given me this sort of weirdness before - miles of city streets when there is a freeway just a few blocks away. Oh well.

Then there was freeway traffic as well. After 7:00pm it should have been past rush hour, but there were the remnants of an accident being cleared up at the I-5---I-14---CA-210 junction. What moron thought putting so many interchanges into a one mile stretch was a good idea? After the slowdown of about 45 minutes, the weirdness continued, people whizzing by at 90mph, passing on the shoulder, driving 50mph in the #1 lane, you name it. Friday nights aren't usually that bad.

Riley stalking the laptop.

Thursday 29 January 2009

Thursday - a brilliant crescent moon and Venus, close the evening, but not a conjunction. The weather is wonderful, in the 70's all day, and though windy on occasion, the feared Santa Ana's didn't arrive. At least not where I was.

Wednesday 28 January 2009

Wednesday - an old moon, in the new moon's arms, tonight. Also a very bright Venus.

Ducks, 2009,

Tuesday 27 January 2009

Tuesday - my landlord actually gave me a stamp. He's a cool guy.

Cool, almost cold. I think I wore a sweater all day, except perhaps an hour or so after lunch.

A sliver of moon in the early evening sky.

 Monday 26 January 2009

Monday - back at work, a reasonable day. Cool, but sunny.

I sent myself a letter at the Ventura address last week, so that I could show it to the librarian here and get a permanent library card. Unfortunately the landlord picked it up, glanced at it, mistook my name for a previous tenant, and wrote: "No longer here, return to Sender!" on it, in ink. Thus destroying the entire purpose of it. My room mate says he owes me 41 cents...

Sunday 25 January 2009

Sunday - not a lot to say. A lot more errands, wrapping up late, for me.

While out running errands I saw a cheesy sign on a sidewalk billboard: "Paternity Testing, Fast & Cheap, Call xxx-xxx-xDNA" Bizarre. Lancaster and Palmdale continue their decline as decent places to live.

Picture of the Week
birds before the rain storm
Photo Notes: Birds, before the storm.

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