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WEEK 5 2003

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Lancaster Weather

Saturday 1 Febuary 2003

Saturday - "The Columbia is lost. There are no survivors."

Friday 31 January 2003

Friday - did a bit more on computer security setups, trying to get the old AIX box secure. We'd upgrade the OS, but that would break a lot of OTHER stuff. Sigh.

Also working on the CFD model still.

After work went over and worked on a friends computer. His hard drive crashed, and we replaced that and then installed the OS. For some odd reason the modem could no longer be found. We then replaced that with another, and after calling Compuserve, got it working. It's pretty much done now, and we discussed whether to add a second hard drive as a backup - it's good crash insurance, though not much against many viruses. Still, it was his second hard drive crash...

He also had a home made DVD. Amazing stuff. Transitions, sound, effects, everything. Very cool.

And, to quote Flashman's wife, "The weather continues fine."

Thursday 30 January 2003

Thursday - still working on some CFD models at work. Hopefully we will get some modern, up-to-date CAD software, that will make this a lot less unpleasant.

I see that my posts have been shorter and grouchier lately. Well, I've been busy, stressed, and sick, but hopefully that will turn around. Life has it's ups and downs, you need to look at the good parts as much as you can.

Dinner was at the Black Angus, as some of us weren't really feeling well and didn't want to go to Palmdale as the restaurant gods had suggested. It was tasty, and close. We were trying to think of a good soup place, but couldn't. No Soup Plantation in the Antelope Valley, unfortunately.

There was an excellent presentation, a Wright Brothers lecture, on, surprise, "The Wright Brothers and the Developement of Aerospace Engineering". It is the centennial of their first powered flight, in December 1903, and there is a lot going on about it. The presenter, Peter Janak I think, talked about their education ( high school dropouts ), their family - both older and younger siblings, and how they approached problems in a way that any R&D organization would recognize today. Fascinating stuff.

Wednesday 29 January 2003

Wednesday - listened to the State of the Union speech. It was a good one, one of the best I've heard. Unlike our last president, when he identified problems he also suggested solutions. Of course the solution was throwing money at the problems, but hey, he's a politician.

As for Iraq, he finally stated what the press has been glossing over. The UN resolution calls for Iraq to prove that they no longer have any weapons of mass destruction. It does not mean that we have to find them, it means Iraq has to prove a negative, a very very hard thing to do. And they haven't even tried. A Febuary 5 meeting of the security council means that there won't be a new moon attack on the 30th, as some have suggested.

It's also, yesterday, the anniversary of the loss of the Challenger. I remember it vividly, I was a work, and went into an office to watch. I recall people just looking at each other, not even speaking.

And of course, it is just a few days past the anniversary of the fire that killed Grissom, Chaffee, and White, in an Apollo capsule on the pad.

Tuesday 28 January 2003

Tuesday - spent doing other's busy work. First an email that I hadn't completed my IT security training. I had, and in fact, passed it with a perfect score. So I emailed back that the records were wrong.

Onto the unix computers security. It seems we failed the security scans. So we look at the logs - and its a bug we already patched. So, after several cross checks we notified the people that have been pestering us. Again.

Then, on to change the browser. Mandated. Internet Explorer. So thousands of people, across the agency, are all switching over.

Of course, if you don't run Windows, then...well...use whatever....

Other than all that, it was an OK day.

Monday 27 January 2003

Monday - still a bit under the weather - it seems to be clearing up, but I have the occasional coughing jag.

Sunday 26 January 2003

Sunday - I placed a little bet on the Super Bowl...heh...couldn't make it up as I was sick, but my Dad now owes me big bucks! Just a glad not to be there - my brothers are big Raiders fans, and I'm terrible gloater.

Healthwise, I'm feeling a little better, but still tired.

Picture of the Week
Small grild playing with ribbons in front of a haberdashers
Photo Notes:This is an odd pitcher. It seems to be German, and on it there is a drunk dancing about, and spirits flying through the air.

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