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WEEK 5 2008

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Saturday 2 February 2008

Saturday - last night, upon getting out of my car in the garage I stepped in a puddle. Sploosh.

Bah, and humbug. Not what you want to experience when you have plans to get up at five the next morning and it's already after 10:00pm. After a few choice epithets an inspection determined that the culprit was the water heater, in particular the water heater flex hose on the hot side, had sprung a leak. Not much more than a pinhole, but it was spraying hot water everywhere. So I shut off the feed, but then reconsidering turned it back on, took a shower, and then turned it off. I'll just fix it when I'm back at the house.

Tim and I replaced that hose not much more than five years ago. Arrgghh.

Up at Dad's.  I have money - big money - on the NY Giants, but managed to wring out concessions. Six points. I think the Patriots peaked a while back and look forward to gloating over my fifty cents worth of winnings!

Vodkapundit wonders about the recent spate of undersea cable cutting. I don't see any need for a Cusslerish conspiracy. As the attached article points out, the oceans are indeed big, but the cables only come ashore at a few points.

I am reminded of the MIT professor and solo sailor who calculated the odds against being run down by a large vessel at sea - astronomically small. He therefore kept no arduous night watch and was run down, or very nearly rundown, twice.  Ship traffic, it turns out, often travels in high density lanes and these in turn concentrate near the shore and ports. 

Friday 1 February 2008

Friday - worked until sundown, on a coolish and occasionally overcast day. There was a nice sunset, with red and gold clouds, and gulls heading towards the sea. Where do seagulls sleep at night? Do they sleep on the waves, or some place on shore?

Then it was onto the road, up to Lancaster. Mike and I are to drive up to Martinez tomorrow, with Duke. A lot of traffic on the I-14.

The sun may be cooling, but there is a bright side
. "Zombies and vampires. Is there any problem the sun can't fix?"

Thursday 31 January  2008

Thursday - keeping busy.

Wednesday 30 January 2008

Wednesday - back at work. It's cold in the mornings - I have to layer up to keep warm.

Tuesday 29 January 2008

Tuesday - one last day off before going back to work. There is always more to do than I anticipate - cleaning, washing, various tasks & chores.

Setting up a new cat feeder was one of the tasks. The older Archimedean screw device works well enough, indeed, too well. Too much food for the cats - even set to the lowest feed level. A friend recently gave me one of the rotating-cover machines, wherein a clock rotates an opening to one of six dishes. The amount can therefore be easily set, but it does require someone to replace the food every three days. I've set it for about a cup a day, doled out as two half cups twelve hours apart.

 Monday 28 January 2007

Monday - working away, on this and that. Feeling better. I'm enjoying playing the MP3 library on Gondor, via Amarok, as background music.

"The current version of TeX is 3.141592..." Heh. [via Shetl-Optimized]

Sunday 27 January 2007

Sunday - uh. Can't remember. Did a bit of spreadsheet work, and stuff.

I did watch some Dr. Who reruns on the telly TIVO. 

Talked to my brother about a trip up to the bay area next week, weather permitting. I don't think I was completely over what ever it was I had.

Finished Book #5, The Sea For Breakfast, by Lillian Beckwith. I think I like these stories better on audio

Bought a fairly decent fluorescent light bulb, 100W, that I can actually read by. For less than a dollar - courtesy of Southern California Edision (which is probably some sort of rebate from the State of California, if we traced things back far enough). I should buy some more - at that price they are cheaper than standard incandescents, though the bulb is huge and will not fit in many fixtures.

The PDA only dropped 10% in power overnight, so it's back to normal, it seems. Since I left the wall charger down in Oxnard I have to charge it via the USB cable, which starts up ActiveSync, which in turn uses power. I just have to remember to kill ActiveSync after charging it..

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before the parade-
Photo Notes: "Wow...look at all the weirdos around here..."

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