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WEEK 6 2008

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Saturday 9 February 2008

Saturday - working, down in Oxnard, office stuff. Not feeling very productive though.

I did get by the marine supply and pick up some spare filters and impellers for the Yanmar diesel on the boat. I want to replace them - and the oil. It's been a year and a half, so even without much use the oil should be changed. And diesel fuel goes bad after a while - things grow in it, amazingly enough. I need to motor about a bit and get some new stuff in there.

If I wasn't working I'd be sailing, believe me - perfect weather.

I only have a basic panel for the engine - a tachometer and idiot lights. The mechanic said that if there is an overheat of oil or water, or lack of oil pressure the buzzer should sound. This makes me feel a bit better about last years little "hiccup" out on the water. I haven't had an problems since, and maybe didn't have one then - it's like 'automatic rough' for airplane pilots...

More on the undersea cable cutting. More detail, the conclusion is: coincidence, hype, and paranoia.

I note that two years ago, this week, I was commenting on having just read (listened to) the excellent A Thread Across the Ocean, about the first transatlantic cable.

I went down to the boat after work. At about 10pm it was quiet, both at the boat and the restaurant. Of course, it's a February evening....

Friday 8 February 2008

Friday - I went down to the boat, and the bilge was full of water. Deja Vu, all over again. Apparently the automatic bilge pump switch isn't working, another thing to fix.

I talked to the marina staff about getting another slip, away from the noise of the apartments, but there isn't much. A couple slips may open up in a couple of months, directly in front of the adjacent restaurant. Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Bah.

Thursday 7 February  2008

Thursday - work. It's getting warm again. But the mountains in the distance are still covered in snow. The Santa Clara River is running strongly, but the local small channels aren't seeing much - no snow on the Ventura foothills!

Yeah, Romney has bowed out. It'll be McCain. I don't feel he has the personal presence - the gravitas - to be President, but then neither did Bill Clinton. Maybe people don't want that any more, they want a showy & controversial character. Times change. The nation that watchs Oprah and Maury Povich is unlikely to elect a Washington or Madison.

Though perhaps a Teddy Roosevelt.

Wednesday 6 February 2008

Wednesday - work.

Tuesday 5 February 2008

Tuesday - back at work.

Looks like it's McCain for the Republican's, but the Democrat's choice is still up in the air. Probably Clinton.

 Monday 4 February 2007

Monday - on the road, back to Lancaster. There was a lot more traffic, trucks and cars, than on Saturday. We also saw a lot of Highway Patrol vehicles and stops. The usual number is none, this time we saw four or five. Increased enforcement before and after the Superbowl?

Since I arrived home at a reasonable hour I fixed the water heater. Just a quick hose replacement and it was done. Played with the cats a bit and made sure they had food.

Sunday 3 February 2007

Sunday - How about those NY Giants? It was nip and tuck, a good game, and I think that the Giants earned their win.

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before the parade-
Photo Notes: "Wow...look at all the weirdos around here..."

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