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WEEK 7 2008

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Saturday 16 February 2008

Saturday - Global Cooling anybody? Where have all the Sunspots Gone?

In related news: Minnesotans for Global Warming. [via Instapundit]

I'm considering opening an advice column for people who commute. I think that it would be a wonderful way for people who have to drive in heavy traffic to ask questions and get measured rational responses to the problems they face on the roads every day.

I'd call it WWSPD  - "What Would Snake Plissken Do?"

Book #7 was The Outback Stars, by Sandra McDonald. OK, nothing amazing, but good escapist stuff.

I have vague memories of reading the John Campbell books in the Islands of Space series, by the way. Back when I lived in Vacaville, which means grade school, or possibly junior high. Classic space opera stuff, Morley and Wade inventing giant spaceships and super weapons as needed, to defeat the evil aliens.

Friday 15 February 2008

Friday - I was looking at the book list for the Amazon Kindle. Pretty pathetic - for science fiction there is a list of 91 titles and half of them are ancient - John Campbell's Islands of Space first published in 1931, Orwell's 1984 published in 1949, Piper's Little Fuzzy from 1962, Half of the remaining titles are Star Trek universe stuff. Half of those remaining are various other potboiler stuff. Half of the remaining half are books with covers I don't like. Though I don't know if you can see covers on the Kindle.

I saw this on the Yahoo! home page:


The linked article goes on to say that the musician fell backwards down some stairs and smashed it. Then he borrowed a Stradivarius for his next concert. What? Who would lend this guy anything after that?

My guess as to the conversation:

Violinist #1: Dude, I fell down and smashed my $1,000,000 violin. Can I borrow your Stradivarius?
Violinist #2: Sure Bro, no problem. Wow, where'd you get this wicked Columbian...

When outsourcing just goes too far...

Thursday 14 February  2008

Thursday - working.

I was in an orchard, in Ventura and it was windy. Windy enough that falling green (unripe) avocado's were a hazard. It was an old flood control channel - I couldn't find any contractor stamps but an old valve surrounded by a concrete wall of the same vintage (the form marks are of individual planks) was marked October 29, 1917.

Wednesday 13 February 2008

Wednesday - work. Rather cold and foggy all day.

Tuesday 12 February 2008

Tuesday - working,

More work. I thought I had the day off, so mid-morning I took the boat across the channel to get the fluids changed. Engine and transmission both - I've no idea when, or if, they were changed before. It went pretty well - there was no line from the engine sump so the mechanic had to suck the oil out via a slender hose down the dipstick tube. The new oil was inserted via the same method - the Yanmar oil filler cap is on top of the engine and has only about 3" of clearance from the overhead - so this was undoubtedly much cleaner a method! I had the oil and fuel filter(s) replaced as well - it was all pretty straightforward. I bought an extra set of all filters.

I was going to have the impeller for the cooling system replaced as well. Rather than an easily accessible simple cover plate for replacement this Yanmar requires the complete removal and disassembly of the water pump - a pretty expensive endeavor at a marine mechanics hourly rate. I may do it myself, later.

In any case, there was no time for impeller replacement - midway through the mechanic's lunch hour the cell phone began ringing - the boss calling, more work on the way for us. So, upon the mechanic's return we buttoned it up and I took another voyage - about 400' - back to my dock.

It was beautiful sailing weather, by the way, beautiful.

I did manage to get a half hour nap in, on the boat.

 Monday 11 February 2007

Monday - working.

Sunday 10 February 2007

Sunday - a long day, about 12 hours of office work. What I'm doing is 1970's style hand collation and analysis of data that should be done by state-of-the-art 2008 GIS database software.


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leaning tower of pasadena
Photo Notes: "The leaning tower of Pasadena."

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