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WEEK 5 2015

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Saturday 31 January 2015
Saturday - OTR, down to SD.

Friday 30 January 2015
Friday - OTR, down to SD.

Thursday 29 January 2015

Thursday - Weather about the same as yesterday.

I didn't feel good on waking up, so I skipped most app stuff. In fact I just spent the day doing a number of chores: laundry, dishes, cleaning, rearranging stuff in the garage. I actually worked all day on all that, knocking off about 5:00pm. By which time my arms and shoulders were aching....

Looks like we'll head down to SD sometime tomorrow.

Light posting for the next few days...

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Wednesday - Cool still, but warmer than Tuesday.

It looks like the 'venue' for the Superbowl party on Sunday has changed. But I'm still just a freeloading guest, so that's OK...

Went to lunch with S&K at Crazy Otto's. I had the pastrami, pretty darn good, though not quite as good as at the Sub Machine over on J. We talked about the app redesign over lunch and for a bit afterwards, so I have enough information now to get started with.

So I worked on that in the afternoon, until nearly 7, when the cats got in my face about their dinner. And it was a good stopping point.

My brother had emailed, asking for some book recommendations. After looking at my year end lists I sent back
I should have mentioned Unbroken, it was a fabulous book. I wonder if the movie is still around?

Tuesday  27 January 2015
Tuesday - Cool and overcast, but no rain.

I took my usual walk in the early afternoon. Since it was still muddy out on the unpaved roads I had to stick to noisy city streets, which was unpleasant, but so it goes.

Not a lot to say. Did some work on the app,  made a modicum of progress. I don't want to go crazy writing stuff before we've decided on a new layout. It's actually simpler (from S's verbal description) than the old one, and the 'levels' will be similar, so that's good.

She wants to 'blur' certain things, and iOS has a blur filter, so I'm working with some ways to accomplish that.

I'm probably heading off to San Diego this weekend, to help with some home repairs and to watch the Super Bowl with friends.

In blog news, apparently my host switched servers on me. Not a big deal, there was an email about it, but once again the upload path has changed... I also found that the first week of blog posts for this year was missing (it's possible that might have been my fault) and that some of the weekly forward-backward links were broken (which was definitely my fault).

Monday  26 January 2015
Monday - We finally got some rain, later in the day. Not much, and of course the 80% chance of snow predicted on Saturday has completely been eliminated, down the memory hole at WU....

Just working away on various code related things. I did talk to S on the phone, and she has more ideas on the app interface. I've been fiddling around with VoiceOver tags and such, but we'll probably get together on Wednesday and go over the new ideas.

The simulator for VoiceOver is, essentially, junk. Really bad - it's easier and quicker to run it on the device. Apple's abuse of it's developer's is kind of incredible, you have to experience it to believe it...

Sunday 25 January 2015
Sunday - Rain was predicted for late in the day, so I tried to get some chores done in the morning.

In particular there was some painting of shelves to be done in the morning, before it got too cool. I had a mystery can of paint in the side yard, so I opened it to see what it was - and it turned out to be perfectly good exterior paint, in a tan shade. I think I bought it, then decided it wasn't quite a match. It's been outside so long that the lid was rusted shut, and broke when I opened it. Fortunately I had an empty can that used to contain white paint, and I poured it into that. I'm using it as a primer, so it's not a big deal if the color changes a bit.

I cut up some lengths of firewood as well, since snow and rain are predicted.

Not much else to say, it's been pretty slow around here.

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Jimmy really likes hanging around old Riley...
Photo Notes: Jimmy really likes hanging around with Riley...

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