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WEEK 6 2016

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Saturday 6 February  2016
Saturday - Nice weather. I spent a lot of the day working on the little utility trailer. I was going to add a swinging gate or ramp, but in the end just decided to construct a stakebed gate, for ease of construction and cost.

I ran out of energy in mid-afternoon, but it's mostly done. I need to disassemble, paint, and reassemble, then tow it back out to the friend that keeps it stored for me.

I do need to figure out a gate latch of some kind. I have a couple of ideas, but nothing firm.

Book #5 was Proven Guilty (Dresden Files, Book #8), by Jim Butcher. Not bad.

Friday 5 February 2016
Friday - A nice day. There were a number of household chores, but I did spend a few on work stuff.

I talked briefly to someone interested in buying the boat. I thought about it, and gave him a price, but I think he wants something cheaper. It was a fair price though.

He is actually a live-aboard down at the marina, and invited me to stop by sometime :-)

Thursday 4 February 2016
Thursday - Working away on things. There was a slight change in plans, more detail in the spreadsheet, so I've been working that.

I started reading the library book from yesterday and realized: I'd read it before. Bah.

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Wednesday - Still warmer. I went for a walk mid-day, about six miles. Not an amazing distance, but I had stuff to do at home. I did stop by the library and pick up a book that I had on interlibrary loan.

Almost done with that spreadsheet. It would be done, but the walk and some errands I had to run in the afternoon cut into my hours. Tomorrow for sure.

I ordered some glide bearings for my dryer. It's squealing loud enough that someone I was talking to, S, could hear it over the phone. It's an easy repair, and Amazon had them in stock, so they'll be here in a few days.

S had been having troubles with her hydraulic pool cover. It's actually stuck open right now (I went over this weekend and helped her attach ties to keep it from flying apart in the high winds we had.)

Her old mechanic had retired due to health problems, so she finally got the local Caterpillar repairman to come over. He checked the fluid and pressure and motor and said they were all good. He then checked the actuator and discovered it was bent! It turns out that these (there are four, two for each cover) sit in little vaults, and the vault for this one had filled up with silt and debris over the years to the point where it restricted the actuator and eventually caused it to bend.

In the end it took him an entire day with S's help to get it out. Eventually, since the bottom connected was frozen, he had to torch it out. S used her best 'Dale Carnegie' and convinced him to keep at it long after he suggested she just have the vault demolished and replaced instead...

Tuesday 2 February 2016
Tuesday - Some sun, though still rather cool out.

Continuing working away at the spreadsheets for the contract closeout. I'm getting into a rhythm, but it's still slow.

Monday  1 February 2016
Monday - Still cold and windy, though the rain let up after mid-morning.

Working on the inspection stuff, for the close out change order. It's moving along a lot better than the end of last week, when I was under the weather and it seemed so hard....

It looks like Ted Cruz beat out Donald Trump and Marco Rubio in Iowa, while Hillary Clinton just edged out Bernie Sanders on the Democratic Party side.

Sunday  31 January 2016
Sunday - Some light sprinkles in the morning, turning to heavier rain in the afternoon. And, as predicted, windy, with some of the fireplace wood under the patio getting damp from wind blowing the rain all the way across, a good 14 feet.

The continual light misting led to a lot of rainbows about town, and the partial cloud cover let in enough sun to make a lot of rainbows. Very pretty.

S came by in the late afternoon and we worked some more on the sail cover, getting the two sides sewn together and the throat attached. At this point it's mostly sewn, and I'm going to take it down to Oxnard and check it on the boat before we cut it to length.

I didn't do much else. I did watch 'Interstellar' on Hulu and was underwhelmed. It was OK, but slow and depressing. They did manage to squeeze in a mad scientist, which is required for any science fiction movie.

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a double rainbow

A nice double rainbow to the northwest, Lancaster.

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