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WEEK 6 2010

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Saturday 13 February 2010
Saturday - headed north. Beautiful weather, not much traffic until Livermore.

I finished Book #7, Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded, by Simon Winchester. This covers the history of that volcanic island, from the prehistoric and much larger volcano that created the huge caldera it sits in, to the historic eruption in the mid Victorian era. The Dutch and their colony have a number of walk on parts, as does James Cook, the Royal Society of England, Alfred Wegener, and the Muslim faith and Kareem Abdul, or rather, Abdul Karim.

I thought it was excellent. Last year, before my CD player failed, my brother listened to the beginning - he thought it excruciatingly boring.

Probably not a lot of posting while I'm on the road.

Friday 12 February 2010
Friday - well, a few too many errands to head north today, so, manana.

Thursday 11 February 2010

Thursday - not much to say, worked, then headed home mid-evening. Up to Martinez tomorrow.

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Wednesday - hmmm. No post here. I know I wrote it...where'd it go?

Anyway, there was a bit on the rainbow of last Friday - looking at wikipedia it was probably a "supernumerary rainbow", though the colors seemed normal enough to me, just a bit faded relative to the main arc.

I had something on the non-spherical shape of actual raindrops affecting the colors and angles that I am way to lazy to retype. Take it as said.

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Tuesday - another rain storm blew through. Interesting weather lately. An 11 hour day at work.

Driving home last Friday I saw some rainbows in the late afternoon. This appeared to be three separate arcs, each inside the other. I've seen double arcs before, but rather more spaced out than these, which were nestled together, "touching", as it were.

Monday 8 February 2010

Monday - back to work.

On Saturday I dropped by a local computer store and picked up some DIMM for the old desktop, it was struggling along with 128MB, but that's pretty low, even for Ubuntu 8.04. At steady state it had about 10MB free. The owner didn't have any new PC-133, but sold me a couple of used 256MB sticks for $10 each. They worked just fine, and the system is a spritely as it's likely to get.

We got to talking and I asked about Windows 7. My old Win2k box at home is having issues, and I'm (very reluctantly) thinking of upgrading it - or perhaps upgrading the newish Vista laptop. He said that Win7 was much better than Vista, and showed me a lower end system running Win7. At idle it was using about 600MB, so the 2GB in the desktop or the 3GB in the laptop would suffice. Drivers, he said, were the issues, with legacy hardware.

Sunday 7 February_2010

Sunday - nicer weather - the cats (and myself) were pleased.

A friend came by and we pruned the heck out of the roses. In particular my Mister Lincoln, formerly a good eight feet tall, is now about a foot tall. I hope it all works out...

Book #6 was Storm From the Shadows, by David Weber. This is another Honorverse book, this time with Honor's friend Michelle as protagonist. Very similar to all the rest. In an author's forward Weber states that he originally intended to kill of the series with the death of Honor Harrington, waaaay back when, but came up with a plot device to continue the series.

Well, maybe. He has killed off major characters before...but this series was wildly popular and I imagine the publisher dangled mucho $$ in front of him to continue. And who could blame him? Not me, I'd take the money and run write!

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Golden Gate Bridge & Fort Mason
Photo NotesThe Golden Gate Bridge & Fort Mason Point.

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