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WEEK 4 2013

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Saturday 26 January 2013
Saturday - The sprinkles have let up, though it's still a bit cloudy and breezy. But it was nice to be able to get out and take a walk again.

Working away on the GIS job for the county.

Friday 25 January 2013
Friday - The mild showers continue. My own fault for running my lawn sprinklers on Tuesday.

S and I hired an artist. It's a small commission, just a few scenes, but we'll see how our artist-for-hire does.

I haven't done much reading, though I've several things in the queue. My eyes are pretty strained by the end of the day when working on the app or the county stuff, for one thing. And I'm enjoying the wackiness of Japanese anime in the evening for another. And, maybe, still struggling with those old mid-winter blues.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Thursday - A bit damp and drizzly out. The cat is not happy.

Working away on the stuff for the county. It's taking a lot longer to do inventory than I thought, but then there are over 1800 channel segments to look at. Clearly I won't be able to fix everything, but it's best to get the worst stuff identified.

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Wednesday  - Working away on this and that. It's getting a bit overcast, there's a chance of rain in the next few days.

Coming home the other night, I looked up at the half Moon and saw there was a bright star perhaps a Moon diameter away. Neat. I emailed my brother that the Moon was near conjunction with Vega, but he emailed back that it was actually near Jupiter. And indeed it was Jupiter, clearly brighter and not as blue, thinking back on it. All I can use for an excuse is that it was rather late, very cold, and I was in my shirt sleeves and in no mood to linger outside...

I did spend some time with S, looking at some contracts for artwork for the iPad app. Essentially, if you hire an artist for illustration work there is a spectrum of options. At one end the client gets limited rights for a limited type of media for a limited time: the art and illustrator guilds like this. At the other end of the spectrum is "work for hire", in which the client is essentially granted authorship of the work: business owners like this. In between is an area where both get use, and the artists get royalties. Given the early stages of our business, and the desire to avoid complications we are going to try for the second option, work for hire. Essentially you pay more up front, but then it's done and you don't have any later entanglements with the illustrator to keep track of. And, since the applicants for the job right now are complete newbies, with no portfolio and no work history they are getting a fair deal, I think.

Tuesday 22 January 2013
Tuesday - Down to Oak Park, where there was a pre-bid visit to the demolition sites for the contractors. Despite lots of notice only three companies sent representatives, but so it goes. It was a beautiful day for it, about 70F with blue skies. About three hours paying work, about four hours of driving...

I was battling a headache, from all the computer work on Monday, but ibuprofen kept that under control. While driving I did keep looking for my sunglasses, then realizing they were on already. So, no computer work after I got home!

Monday 21 January 2012
Monday - Messed about with computers. As I said, I was storing all my imagery on the macbook pro, since it has space. And, being new, I assumed that it had Blue Ray. Not so. It is, like my 2004 Sony XP laptop, limited to dual layer DVD's. Pitiful. So even just a years worth of images won't fit on a disk. In fact some months won't fit.

And the burning process is cryptic. You put a blank disk in, and a little dialog comes up and asks you if you want iTunes, Finder, or the Disk Utility. What you want is Finder. Then a little icon representing the drive shows up on the desktop. It may, or may not, show up in Finder. Then you drag and drop files and folders onto the desktop icon, and right click to burn. The files and folders you drag are just links - it copies the files during the burn process. And there is no feedback on whether the disk is full as you add them, you have to guess or add up the file sizes manually. Pitiful - windows burners have had that feedback for over a decade.

The other computer is the work HP Pavilion. It's very limited in RAM, only 1GB, and when I use it for GIS I have to continually keep shutting it down because of memory leaks and hang ups. But even if there was 2GB, I'd still have to shut it down regularly, because of overheating issues. Google says this is a common problem with these models, they suck in hair and dirt and you essentially have to completely disassemble the system to get to the cpu cooler. Lots and lots of little tiny screws and cables and bits and pieces. I don't want to buy it, so I've left that alone. Instead I work with it perched on top of a couple of blocks of "blue ice", and that seems to help.

Tomorrow I'll go down in the morning and help in the visit and walk through of the demolition project facilities. A few hours of work.

Sunday  20 January 2012
Sunday - Watched the 49er's win over Atlanta. A close fought game, really. A little too close, in fact. And I imagine the Superbowl will be pretty darn close as well.

Not too much else going on. Warming up outside, finally, which is nice. Haven't done much reading for pleasure. Netflix is too addictive...

My brother sent me this pic of his cat, Rita, sitting on top of the heater grate - directly over where the pilot light is, actually.

rita, sitting on top of pilot light for warmth
His other cat, Xeno, avoids that grate - burned once, maybe?

Hard to believe we're starting the fourth week of the year already.

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Phobe, 2010
Photo Notes: Phoebe, May 2010.

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