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WEEK 4 2018

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Saturday 27 January 2018
Saturday - Pretty tired from the last few days, I did a few things, and spent some time cleaning up the garage work area.

I ordered some "Wellness" cat food.  Purrvis has a distressing tendency to throw up his Fancy Feast and/or Friskies and my sister Virginia suggested this might help.  He is very old and skinny, but has a good appetite still.

Went to lunch with Mike out at the airport last week, btw, then we came back and sat around the new place here for a bit, watching farmer Charles across the way.

He mentioned the other day he xeriscaped his front yard.  I will probably do something like that myself pretty soon.  Too many interior tasks right now, then I have to paint the exterior, then some fencing and landscaping.

Since I didn't really get the price I wanted for my old place the budget is kind of tight...

Book #4 was CTRL ALT Revolt!, by Nick Cole.  Eh.  It was OK but I was expecting better.

Friday 26 January 2018
Friday - Painted the hallways, it took all day(I'm beat), but it looks 1000% better.  I did find some LED bulbs that should look nice in there.  They are actually a bit too yellow, I wanted whiter light there, but they'll do.

The interior priming tasks left are the kitchen and hall bath, and the wash room and some parts of the master bath.  It would be quicker if I had the boys do all of this, but I need to be able to see and assess any damage that I find.  So far no big issues, it's just decades of neglect, and in places original issues - walls not painted, some not even textured, just bare drywall.

Thursday 25 January 2018
Thursday - Getting ready to paint the hallways, doing a lot of taping and some cutting in. 

Wednesday 24 January 2018

Wednesday - Snowing up in Carson City, got some nice pics from my brother.

Called Frontier, again, since they never called back.  They claim that the "bridge tap issue" has been corrected and they can now install my DSL...on February 12th.  Ten weeks from my first call...it's good to have a monopoly I guess.

I had looked into cellular services, but they are prohibitively expensive for very limited service. Only T-Mobil and Verizon have any real presence in the AV.  I thought Verizon's 2.5 stars and reviews of slowdowns and signal loss was bad...until I read the reviews of TM's 1.5 start service :-((

I briefly even looked into satellite internet...the reviews for that were worse than the cellular!

Tuesday 23 January 2018
Tuesday - More cleaning, prior to prepping.  I also need to get some lights to replace the mixture of faint incandescent and morgue-quality CFLs being used in the hallways.  The existing fixtures do match the overhead fan and lights in the main room - fake brass and smoked glass.

The swamp cooler register appeared "almond" colored but was, as I have come to expect, gloss white.  As were the central heat fittings.  There is a wired fire alarm in the foyer, the plastic casing yellowed with age, I don't know if it works or not.

On Sunday I started a re-install of Windows 10 on Rogers computer.  S says that it is still installing, two days later. Not good.  It had some sort of failure, bsod, exactly one week out of warranty - it's a nice mid-range Lenovo, not an el-cheapo Wally World unit like mine.

Monday 22 January  2018
Monday - Household task this week: cleaning the hallway and foyer.  Dark and dismal, coated in tobacco stains, with lots of fixtures and doors to remove and work around.  Lots of ladder work as well.

Sunday 21 January 2018
Sunday - I did some shopping in the morning with S, then she came by and helped clean a bit.  She experienced the "antique gold" thing, and was pretty horrified, but helped a lot and was very complimentary about the progress I've made so far. I've had some sleepless nights, thinking that I'd made the worst financial decision of my life.

She also brought over some very heavy duty mats to put at the doors, to help with the dirt being tracked in, and some pine seedlings (Aleppo Pines I think).

Aaron's boy Glen is back in school in Bakersfield, he missed a good pie I bought for dessert this week!

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West Valley winter sunset

West Valley clouds and winter sunlight near dusk.

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