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WEEK 3 2018

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Saturday 20 January 2018
Saturday - The central heat system works well - it does have a minimum temperature of 54F, so the house is never freezing.  I am concerned about running out of propane, and use the pellet stove as much as possible right now.  Aaron says he had discovered that buying a 100# tank and filling it at CostCo occasionally is the cheapest way to get heat out here - the big dogs of delivery (Suburban Propane, etc.) charge almost 4X per pound to fill the fixed tank!

Book #3 was Artemis: A Novel by Andy Weir.  Weir, of course, was the author of the stunningly successful The Martian.  This wasn't as good, but still very good and worth reading.

Friday 19 January 2018
Friday - One amusing thing about staying at the H place is that their cat, Purrvis, had decided that I am the go-to lap.  If I come into the front room and sit down he will actually get up and leave another person's lap for mine!  And growls menacingly when I try to get up.  The only exception is when the fireplace is burning, then he sits on the mat on the hearth, risking sparks in his fur for the warmth of naked flame...

Thursday 18 January 2018
Thursday - S. found someone selling a 20yo box of Photoshop plugins and asked me if they'd work.  Dunno. It sounds like she's going to buy them and give it a try. Obviously the modern machines are more than powerful enough in terms of hardware and memory resources, the question is whether the underlying scripting language has changed too much.

System Requirements:

system requirements

Wednesday 17 January 2018

Wednesday - S made some tortilla soup for the gang.  I was going to go get it but had a dead battery.  Since one of Aaron's boys was in town we asked him to stop by and pick it up.

It was a success - as one of the boys said after dinner: "My tummy is warm".  Heh.

Battery issue appears to be corrosion in the starter leads, same issue as a few years back.  I guess the baking soda fix couldn't last forever...

Tuesday 16 January 2018
Tuesday - Working away on the new place. 
Monday 15 January  2018
Monday - Working away.  Just trying to treat it like a job and put in the hours until daylight fades.

I also sent in some estimated tax payments.  I really have no idea of what I owe, having bought and sold four houses this year, and messed with my IRA....

Sunday 14 January 2018
Sunday - The roofer guy, Jose, was over, and we did some stuff on the roof.  It's looking better. Apparently there was no flashing on the uphill side of the Chimney originally.

  Generally my routine is simple: I get up, shower, have breakfast of a bagel or something, and coffee.  I am trying to get back into shopping on Sunday mornings with S - and in particular am trying to make sure I contribute something to the H household beside an empty stomach, ingredients for a meal or two, soda, pies and desserts...

Picture of the Week

Pellet Stove alight

The pellet stove in the newly painted front room.
It does a good job at keeping the house warm, despite some
pretty terrible drafts from somewhere that I need to address soon.

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