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WEEK 3 2017

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Saturday 21 January 2017
Saturday - Still raining, off and on.  And windy: the weather service has issued small craft advisories for the Antelope Valley....

I was removing the 'old' Roku player, preparatory to sending it to eWaste and noticed, on the bottom, that it said 'Refurbished'.  And then I remembered: my old unit was going bad, and, tired of listening to my complaints no doubt, R&S gave me a new one for a birthday or Xmas.  And then, for some nominal fee, $9.99 or something, the Roku people agreed to replace the broken unit with a refurbished unit.  It had been sitting in a drawer unused for several years.

I had thought the Roku broken because I assumed the LG teevee automatically synced to an active input, but, perhaps not? So, I hooked up to the HDMI cable that had been hooked to the Blue-Ray player (which worked).  That cable was known to work, and, once hooked up to it, so did the Roku! After a bit of configuration I had streaming...

Without the 'smart' remote I can't change the input source, but I probably won't watch it often anyway so swapping a cable isn't a big deal, it's just my OCD coming out and wanting it to work.

Friday 20 January 2017
Friday - Still raining. 

I have moved a bunch of stuff around whilst re-organizing and, temporarily anyway, can't even get my car in the garage...

While working out in the garage I heard a bunch of clapping and whistling coming from houses in the neighborhood.  It was puzzling - too soon for the playoff's, so I just shrugged and ignored it.

Later I received a few and emails and realized it was people watching the presidential inauguration.

Talked with S and cleared up some of the questions I had on the switch interface stuff.  We've been told that the standard with apps is to use a single switch, so that single switch has to do multiple tasks, easily and more-or-less intuitively to the user.

I received a text from Dave, who went and checked on the boat in Oxnard.  One of the line snubbers had broken, so he fixed that, but said everything looked good otherwise. He mentioned Trump's speech.

I fiddled around a bit, trying to get audio into the linux computers from the one functional cassette player, but without any luck.  It may be old broken sound card stuff, old broken cassette stuff, but more likely just some sort of configuration issue. I can play MP3's ok, and Audacity says it knows about Line-In, there's just nothing showing on the sound meter.

Thursday 19 January 2017
Thursday - Still raining.  Working away on this and that. Did some more cleanup around the house.

My copy of STARS has expired.  I was trying to run a testcase and got the warning about an expired license. I will see if I can get another.

Interestingly enough you can get Nastran-95 from GitHub.  I was searching for a Nastran manual and ran across the repository there, together with two of the four manuals.

I remember now that there was a big court case, where MSC was forced to cough up the code, since they had developed it using government money.  They can keep their later changes proprietary, but had to release a fairly mature code base, which a lot of other companies and organizations (and individuals) have taken and used as a basis for their projects and codes.

And it even keeps the time/temperature emissivity dependence, which I was thinking of trying in a little test case. I even ordered an old $6 textbook from AbeBooks about it.  I can assemble the matrices, but was unsure about the time-accurate calculations. I'd normally do Amazon, but their prices were outrageous, even for used stuff.  I'd given up on AbeBooks years ago - Amazon was easier - but Amazon is no longer to be trusted as the most inexpensive choice.

It's not even remotely an urgent project - I need to save my hands for actual (notionally) paying work.

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Wednesday - Cool in the morning, then scattered clouds, then finally rain about 5pm.  This is the first front of what is predicted to be several big rainstorms - the lord knows we need it.

I was given another flat-screen TV the other day, so I took some time to put it up in the master bedroom (the only room with an empty wall) and give it power.  I think it works, but without a remote I can't actually access or change the settings...   I found my old Roku, but it was (still) broken, as far as I can tell - the new LG didn't notice any input via the HDMI.  I'll try it downstairs on the working TV, and add it to the eWaste pile if it's dead.

At least the new-to-me TV up out of the way of the cats. 

My back is a little sore after carrying it around by myself, it's 47".  It's not so much the weight but the awkward positions one ends up in, trying to get it onto the wall mount.

While installing I moved a big dresser.  And found (along with a number of cat-batting-sized objects) a printout of the FAA 1995 Private Pilots eye examination requirements under it.  Sigh.  That, and lack of time and money is why I never finished the private pilots license.

Working away a bit on the app.  I had to re-install Google Drive on the MacBook.  It was a bit startling when it opened containing a bunch of old Triunfo Santitation District reports, then I realized I was logged into my personal drive, rather than the Task Mechanic account.  So I logged in appropriately. Sheryl had redone some of the images, and I needed them.  She also is re-doing the Work and Settings pages, and I went over to her house in the evening and took a gander - beautiful work.  She's improved a lot more as a graphic artist than I have as an Objective-C programmer.  We discussed, at length, the changes needed for switch control and left-neglect clients. 

And, since she was shearing her husband anyway that evening, I got a haircut out of it.  I think my last cut was before Thanksgiving - she was quite amused by the curls.  It's probably been since 2001 or so since I had nine or ten weeks worth of hair upon my head...

Thinking about the insolation problem a bit.  Since the emissivity can vary, that means that, at least, the forcing vector in the FEM will change.  And maybe the stiffness? I'm so rusty on this stuff.

Tuesday  17 January 2017
Tuesday - Cool and frosty again.  It's been relatively warm in the evenings, so I haven't started a fire in a few weeks.  But they are predicting rain in the next few days, so perhaps then.

Did more cleaning, started up working on the app again as well. Not much to say there. Some friends came by and picked up the old tower speakers I wanted to get rid of - I haven't owned a receiver/amplifier in 10 years at least and was tired of looking at them. The eWaste pile is building: an old 17" CRT, a tiny 14" flat-screen, my dads old dead Vista laptop (I removed the hard drive), a broken DVD player, and so on.  There is a box of dead batteries in the garage that needs to go as well.

It's odd, here it is, two weeks into the new year - and I haven't finished a book yet.

Monday 16 January 2017
Monday - Sunny, but cool. Frost on the grass in the morning.

I feel better, still congested, but my energy was mostly back.  I had decided to start working on the app.  But I couldn't find my notebook.

Which, eventually, led me into cleaning house most of the day.  In particular the smaller bedroom, which was reduced to a hoarder's pathway by clutter.  I'm going to toss a couple of big bookcases, and some unused old monitors, the old speakers, and a bunch of unneeded books.  I put the small desk in there, and updated the old Mint Maya computer and put it in there.

By getting rid of the shelves I'm forcing myself to triage away some books.

Also I want to rip the books-on-tape to MP3.  It's perfectly legal, I own the originals, but I couldn't get the Kubuntu box to do it.  It has problems, so I'll try with the other system later. I actually contacted a guy on Craigslist that had a dual cassette relay player for $20, but didn't get a (responsive) answer. My father's ancient RadioShack units are failed and failing, respectively.

I like the Mint distro, but Maya is about 3 years old and its support 'end of life' is in April.  I'll probably just install whatever the most current LTS version of Mint is at that point. I put SAGE and OCTAVE and a bunch of other stuff on it, back in the day, but never used it much.  The other Kubuntu box has issues - a failing motherboard I think, so I'll pop the hard drive out and sent it to ewaste-recycling.  Unless I decide to keep the case, which is a nice, though older, Antec case.

I have boxes of old software - I wonder if a set of Win 3.1 install disks is worth anything on eBay?

I did exchange some emails with Steve, suggested he start small, cut away everything by the horizontal tail in +Y,  fix the root, and then see if it ran.  Generally, if there is an error in building a model it's the same error everywhere in the model - and it's a lot easier to debug a 200 node model than it is to figure out whats wrong with a model containing 3500!

I was also thinking about my little thermal insolation FEM model a bit.  I was going to use a sphere, but it occurred to be that I could just use a ring of quads or triangles for a first test.  Then it occurred to me that I could even use line elements...

Sunday  15 January  2017
Sunday - Still sick.  S stopped by with some lemonade and chicken soup, very welcome.

I didn't do much, but did play around a bit with the STARS model from Steve.  Didn't get anywhere, but it made me feel like it wasn't a completely wasted day. The preprocessor won't read the file - I think it (the preprocessor) is out of date, compared to the input file.  It's frustrating, but maybe I can use gnuplot or a VRML viewer, though the syntax for the latter is, to say the least, verbose.  I don't care for XML.

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Santa in old jet
Old Lockheed Shooting Star with Santa, December 2016.

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