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WEEK 2 2017

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Saturday 14 January 2017
Saturday - Sick.

Battling cats are a PITA when you are not feeling well.

Friday 13 January 2017
Friday - Cloudy and windy.  Sick as a dog.

Thursday 12 January 2017
Thursday - Cloudy and gusty weather.

Started feeling a tickle in my throat in late afternoon, and immediately hit the multivitamin jar.  I really don't want a flu or a cold right now.  I never got around to getting a flu shots, and I was around all sorts of strangers last weekend, so...

I fiddled around with the STARS model from Steve (the only remaining NetZero mail user in the world) without a lot of immediate progress.  But stuff is coming back to me, the executive deck, the parameters, the log file, the various CARD types.

I installed minGW on the Win10 laptop (which I should name!) so I have VI and a FORTRAN compiler (and C and C++) available, so I feel less like I'm wearing boxing gloves when working with the data. I still haven't gotten a working model out of NSTARS, but I will.

Note: spellcheck changed Fortran to FORTRAN.  Technically Fortran-90 and all versions since FORTRAN-77 are Fortran with just the first character capitalized.

Wednesday 11 January 2017

Wednesday - Cool and mildly overcast. A big storm is predicted to be blowing in again.

Did some shopping.  Out of cat food, wet and dry, and of kitty litter. Also out of birdseed, ice cream, milk, and some other stuff.

S's daughter called and said their house, in near sea level Emeryville, had a bit of flooding caused by a high water table level after their huge rainstorm! Other than that she likes the new place - hasn't seen vomit or human feces on the sidewalks yet, she said.  Which says something about what San Francisco is like these days.

My brothers rain gauge in Martinez recorded over 3" last weekend:

Martinez rain gauge, two days
Over 3" in a single weekend, in Martinez.

Cleaning up the house here a bit, re-organizing stuff, and generally trying to get my brain back into programming mode.  Installed some programming libraries on the Win10 laptop. Trying to get a Fortran compiler on it, but am unsure of what to pick.  I always liked Intel's compilers, but $700 is a bit rich for my blood.   I suppose gFortran. 

Updated the web pages a bit.  Added another year to the top, and finally fixed the color spectrum.  Also fixed the Weather Underground links to Oxnard, Lancaster and Concord, that the Weather Channel broke last year by moving stuff around on their recently purchased WU site.

It occurs to me that the Mac, as a Unix derivative (BSD, Darwin), probably has a command line ftp/ftps client, more than likely, which is good enough for what I do.  I'll try that tomorrow. Supposedly there is a way to do it through the Finder as well.

Tuesday  10 January 2017
Tuesday - Installing more software onto the MacBook Pro.  Sigh.  This all takes forever.

Audacity, Gimp, Blue Griffon among other things. 

Oddly I can't find a free ftp client - I was using Yummy, but they now want $30.  I tried the lite version of Commander One, but it didn't work - no transfer and no error message. Sigh.

There's Filezilla, but I hear bad things about SourceForge, though they claim to have seen the light about not installing malware on peoples computers.

Monday 9 January 2017
Monday - Cool and mixed weather, sprinkles at times.

Very tired, naturally. But by mid-morning I had enough strength to go over and help S unload the van(s).  Some of this was going into their college-aged boys room, so we took a couple of hours to clean out a lot of the junk in there, hang some pictures, vacuum, and then unload the stuff and arrange it in there.  Then we returned some other furniture to her work office, then finally filled up the vans gas tank to the appropriate level and dropped it off at 2:55pm - it was due in at 3:00pm!

Since my trash bin was empty I went over and collected the older derelict stuff, and will knock it apart for disposal.

An interesting experience coming back: while driving up the grade to the top of the CA-138 near Wrightwood it was stormy and raining hard.  And...believe it or not...there was a dust storm going on at the same time! Weird.

Sunday  8 January  2017
Sunday - In San Diego all day, then heading back in the evening.

We had hoped to be on the road by mid-morning, but A found a good place to stay, and since we were there, we moved a bed and some furniture to the new place.

We were also slower than expected loading the vans - there was more than I expected, and since it was nice furniture it needed to be carefully tied down, so as to avoid damage (and mars from the tie down restraints).

So, in mid-evening, we left.

We arrived in Lancaster about 2am, then I took the high school boy back out to his parents, who were very happy to get him back....

Essentially we only cleared out one room of about seven, plus a full garage.  S's mom is, naturally, loathe to part with her possessions, but they just won't fit into a small place and the costs of storing it all would be hundreds of dollars per month.  We tried to get her to set apart the actual stuff that was valuable to her for storage, rather than random stuff that has just accumulated, but....

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Santa in old jet
Old Lockheed Shooting Star with Santa, December 2016.

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