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WEEK 2 2004

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Saturday 10 January 2004

Saturday - back home. Washed the Explorer free of the road salt, sand, and grime. Started this blog again...

Friday 9 January 2004

Friday - back at home, back at work.

Thursday 8 January 2004

Thursday - driving from Reno back to Lancaster, via the 395.

Wednesday 7 January 2003

Wednesday - at the AIAA conference.

Tuesday 6 January 2003

Tuesday - at the AIAA conference.

Monday 5 January 2003

Monday - at the AIAA conference.

Sunday 4 January 2003

Sunday - drove up to Reno, via the I-80. Many years ago I used to live in Vacaville which is along the way - it is amazing how much that small town has grown!

I tried to buy chains in Auburn, but couldn't find anything but the quaint "Old Town" area. Obviously a town in the foothills will have an auto parts store somewhere, but I couldn't find it. In any case the weather radio was reporting open roads over the Sierra Nevada and I decided to go for it anyway.

The roads were good, all open and mostly dry, with occasional patches of wetness from snow melt, and a lot of sand and salt which dirtied the vehicle. I arrived in Reno on time, and with the help of the incredibly accurate free maps and directions from Yahoo Maps arrived at my sister's place without incident.

Picture of the Week
June Mountain as seen from the nort
Photo Notes: June Mountain, California, on a bright clear winters day!

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