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WEEK 1 2004

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Saturday 3 January 2004

Saturday - getting ready for the trip tomorrow. The weather looks like it will be good, but I will try to get some chains (cables actually ) for the Explorer.

My father and I awaited the 'Spirit' Mars Rover touchdown in the evening. It was a bit of a knuckle-biter, but the addition of 'tones' to allow some idea of what was happening was nice. Congratulations to JPL and all the team there!

Since at first we could not find the event on teevee I grabbed the streaming video over the internet, to my old laptop. My father tried to do the same, had to go get and install RealPlayer or something, and in the meantime the server got swamped, wouldn't allow new connections - and it came on teevee anyway. Cool. In fact the stream was fifteen or twenty seconds behind the news broadcast....

Friday 2 January 2004

Friday - the Christmas holidays are wrapping up for me. There is an AIAA conference next week, so I went out for a haircut today. It was a different barber from usual, and when he said "a number three" I agreed. I now look like an egg with a beard. Just a bit short. Oh well, it'll grow back.

I went down to the boat. For once the bilges weren't full of rain water. I guess our repairs to the shroud base and chainplates did the trick. What a relief!

We were listening to "Sea of Glory" on tape last night, about a maritime expedition to the Pacific Ocean in the 1830's. An amazing thing, that I had never heard of, full of adventure, discovery and nasty old human nature.

Thursday 1 January 2004

Thursday - New Years Day. All the best in the new year to you all!

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comet WILD2
Photo Notes: This is a picture of comet Wild2 from about 140 miles away. Incredible. We live in an age of wonders. Yesterday a comet, today a landing on Mars!

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