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WEEK 1 2017

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Saturday 7 January 2017
Saturday - In San Diego.

Friday 6 January 2017
Friday - In San Diego.

Thursday 5 January 2017
Thursday - Getting there.  First thing was to get the working OSX El Capitan hard drive burned via SuperDuper to a bootable external drive.  App files and personal files should be there, but I also burned them to DVDs and BluRay disks as well. And a USB key.

Then it was time to do a wipe of the hard drive. A complete wipe, unlike last year.

Then I used a USB key to get OSX Sierra installed.  After setup and network connectivity was re-established it was time to get  Xcode installed, Homebrew installed, Xcode tools installed, Git installed, Apple keychain reinstalled, app source files and git repository reinstalled. Still need my Google Drive folder, Gimp, Audacity, and Libre Office.

And, I suppose, Xamarin Studio again.

If I had a second bootable drive I'd make a copy of everything again, with the new working versions.  But I don't.

And, of course, I have to see if I can locally provision the iPad with a current version of iOS on it now....

And, of course, the web page and pictures archives....  And new versions of the web page editor and the file transfer program.

Packing for the trip south. I'll be driving back a rental U-haul truck or van with some family antiques and such.  Borrowed a friend's high school boy for help, he's glad to get paid for a weekend in San Diego: little does he know what labor awaits....

Wednesday 4 January 2017

Wednesday - Not much to say.  Typical weather for Lancaster, mixed clouds and generally windy and cold.

Working away on the system update thing.

I had someone email me some questions about STARS.  I don't mind, I worked on it for decades and am glad to see it used.

They are doing a FEM and having trouble converting from the NASTRAN model to STARS, though from what I've seen the old NSTARS converter should work.  They were also pretty dubious about the "card deck" input for the linear aero.  I can understand that, but we wanted to be backwards compatible with the FASTEX type of input.

Tuesday  3 January 2017
Tuesday - Started reinstalling OSX.  I have been vacillating between and fresh install and just updating, but decided I had to finally do something.

This is a long and tedious process, because of all the stuff I need to back up and archive.  Also it's going to be a clean install, to get rid of the various bits of cruft and bitrot that have been accumulating.

Looks like we will be heading down to SD.

Monday 2 January 2017
Monday - I went over and fed dogs and stuff at my friends, morning and early evening, though they finally arrived in the late evening.

My brother texted me that there was a nice planetary alignment going on in the western sky after sunset.  I went out and could see Jupiter and the Moon, but there was too much haze and clouds to see anything else.

There may be a trip down to San Diego to help S's mother prepare to move.  She's reluctant, but the huge and dilapidated house stuffed full of old furniture and accumulated decades of stuff is just too much for her.  It's getting dangerous in fact, what with her balance and all the steps and the pool and whatnot.

Krypton and Tegan begging for treats.
Krypton and Tegan, awaiting treats.

Sunday  1 January  2016
Sunday - New Years Day!

All the best to all of us!!

Talked (via text) to my friends visiting up north.  Their daughter got married and they are on their way back tomorrow.  Yay N. 

They had a horrible story about seeing a cockroach on the table at a restaurant.  I was horrified, but apparently it was some sort of weird third world place, and it didn't look out of place.... Ughhh.  Double Ugghhh.

I think I would have asked for a comp for the meal.  From their competitor.  For life....

I picked up another 27" monitor, cheap, as an after Christmas special.  I'm pretty tired of swapping cables.  It's a legitimate business expense: my tax lady was at the store looking at bigger monitors herself...  Hooked it up to the Dell tablet and the HP laptop with Windows 10, everything worked fine (HDMI).

Somebody gave me a Raspberry Pi 2 for Xmas, and it theoretically uses a HDMI for it's video out, so it's all good.

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Santa in old jet
Old Lockheed Shooting Star with Santa, December 2016.

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