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WEEK 1 2013

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Saturday 5 January 2013
Saturday - Working away on this and that. Lunch at Don Cuco's with friends. Watched some football, though the 49er's have a by-week and won't play until next weekend, so I was only mildly interested.

Book #2 was The Shining Ones (Tamuli book 2), by David Eddings. Eh.

Friday 4 January 2013
Friday - Spent the day working on the app. I've got most of the bits and pieces of knowledge I need accumulated now, so I'm just going to throw everything in the pot and not worry about the cleanliness of the internal MVC layout right now. "Write the first one to throw away!", as they say. Maybe I can get something on the iPad so that the real brains of the outfit can look at it next week.

The person at the local JC that was supposed to post an ad for us finally returned S's call. It was an ad for app artists, and she said that no-one replied, and that she will post it again. Hmmmm. You have to wonder if she actually put it up at all, since it was about a day before Christmas week started. Well, no great rush, we're still behind where I wanted to be at this time.

I did take a nice long walk before lunch, about 3.5 miles. My weight has gone way up, I need to be more regular in my exercising. I didn't actually make any New Years Resolutions, and promises about one's weight are among the most fruitless, but I don't mind walking so it isn't a big deal.

Thursday 3 January 2013

Thursday - As someone who owns a car with a bad alarm, one that goes off randomly, I probably shouldn't complain. But someone else's alarm went off five times in a row last night, about 1am. The last time the culprit vehicle actually started up, then someone drove it away, down the street, alarm still going. I guess there isn't an ignition cut-out switch on that system...

Did another pass through the specs for that little demolition project. Things look pretty good now.

I put the adapter into the MBP and it worked, fine. The focus was initially still on the laptop, with the mouse and menu bar on the small screen, but a bit of googling brought forth the information that to transfer the focus to the big screen one needs just shut the clamshell. Pretty easy. And it seems to automatically have detected the monitor type, its resolution and color profile, so that's all good.

Book #1 was Domes of Fire, by David Eddings. This is the sucessor trilogy to his  Elenium trilogy, and, to be honest, pretty mediocre. But there were a couple of amusing pages on elected officials in a republic at the beginnings of chapter 2.

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Wednesday  - Pretty quiet. Working a bit on the app. After several fruitless hours trying to get sound to work properly on the Mac Mini I remembered the various problems the audio had had on that box in the past, and ported the code over to the MacBook Pro. On the MBP it worked immediately. I'm not sure whether it's a hardware or OSX issue, but it's time to start using the MBP anyway.

The MBP screen is only about the size of an iPad, far too small for sustained use with my aging eyes. At lunch time I went with friends down to get some Jambalaya in Palmdale, and stopped by Best Buy and bought a $30 dongle that converts the Thunderbolt display adapter to simple VGA, which is what my larger (22") external monitor uses.

I really would like an even bigger monitor (27" or 30"), but think I'll wait and make it a reward for myself once we've actually submitted something to the app store.

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Monday 31 December 2012
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Sunday  30 December 2012
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USCGC Minnetonka, WHEC-67
Photo Notes: The USCGC Minnetonka, early 1950's?.

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