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WEEK 2 2013

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Saturday 12 January 2013
Saturday - So, the day was devoured by Objective-C stupidity, with most of what was left over spent watching the 49er's win. Good to seem them on fire for a change. Kapernik seems to be working out, he does make rookie mistakes, as I feared, but not enough to offset his presence on the field.
Friday 11 January 2013
Friday - Kind of a long brutal day, working on the app. I was trying to use CALayers, but decided in the end that they just didn't work well with touches, too much work resolving the locations. So, back to using UIViews and their UIImages, which use up more memory, but it's probably not a big deal for a small app. I guess I can just chalk it down to experience. Really the Objective-C developer's need to be beaten severely, and then maybe they'd give a damn about what programmer's actually want and need. As it was, a day wasted, really.

We have another app artist candidate, apparently a student at the local JC. He is going to send us a portfolio of some of his work, but he's used Maya and Photoshop and stuff.

Too cold to go for a walk, 41F and blowing hard. Even the cat was unhappy with things. I went out for a bit and got a pretty good wind burn just from a few minutes in the yard. It was cold enough that the furnace kept kicking on and off, and my eyes felt like sandpaper from the dryness of the air indoors. I do have the fish tank running, which adds a bit of moisture, but I can't find pads for my old humidifier.

I knocked off about 6:30pm, and read and watched TV for a bit.

Book #3 was The Hidden City (Tamuli, Book #3), by David & Leigh Eddings. I probably read this when it came out in the early 1990's, and I can't say that it made much impression. Very derivative of his earlier works, but it's unkind to speak ill of the dead. Edding's passed away in 2009, his wife a couple of years earlier.

Apparently there is another huge JAVA zero-day exploit, people are being warned to turn off JAVA in their web browsers (not JavaScript, which is different).

Thursday 10 January 2013

Thursday - A quick down to Ventura, to pick up some drawings and check on the boat. It was actually snowing lightly on the 14, not enough to stick on the roadway, but it made it a little less boring.

The boat looked OK-ish. There was a bit of water in the bilges, not enough to even trigger the automatic bilge pump, not the overflow I feared. I cleaned out the lazarette lines and will probably be down there next week. I don't think I've been down since before Christmas.

Met with T, who bought us lunch at the Panda Express in Ventura. We talked a little bit about the job, and future plans for it. Looks like the bid package is finished and going out, and we will probably have a pre-bid meeting and site inspection later in the month.

Picked up a box of oranges on my way home, at a fruit stand a little east of Fillmore.

The 14 was warm and dry going home, 49F on the south side, but it was cold and windy in the valley, 43F at about 3:30 when I got home. I could see weather off to the west, near Gorman and the Grapevine, fuzzy thunderheads immersed in snow clouds. I'd been a little surprised to hear from T that they'd had enough snow to actually close the Grapevine earlier in the day, and he mentioned that they'd closed it again in the afternoon.

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Wednesday  - A long day, working on the app again, trying to remember what I did. I took some notes, and I have the old testcases, but it still takes a while.

Amusing myself:


Tuesday 8 January 2013
Tuesday - Again, working away on stuff. Not much to say there...

Monday 7 January 2012
Monday - Found some stuff that I'd missed in the database upgrade, a fairly significant chunk of stuff. Also found some errors in the fixes I'd already done earlier, and so I spent most of the day working on that stuff. I'd hoped to get down to Ventura to meet with T on reviewing some of the plans, and a couple of other things, but it's probably best to wait until next week when I can show the county a more complete version of the db work.

I was wanting to go down to check on the boat, but I suppose it can wait a week, there's no storms predicted to be coming through before then.

Sunday  6 January 2012
Sunday - Watched some football, worked on the app, the db stuff, and some household chores.

Note the twin turret forward, in the 1948 picture below. In later photo's there is a single gun there. One characteristic of ships in the Pacific war was the vast number of guns on them, primarily for anti-aircraft defense. Indeed, there was an entire class of cruisers built for AA purposes. After the war a heavy twin turret wouldn't be of much use for a coast guard cutter, a singe gun would suffice to deter smugglers or whomever.

Picture of the Week
USCGC Minnetonka, WHEC-67, July 1948
Photo Notes: The USCGC Minnetonka, dated July 1948 on the back.

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