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WEEK 2 2010

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Saturday 16 January 2010
Saturday - just laid about and watched some football. They were playoff games, but rather than being nail-bitingly close each was almost a blowout - I'd hate to be the Cardinals or Raven's coach tonight!

Book #2 was Wireless by Charles Stross. This is a collection of stories & a novelette, well done, if a bit depressing.

I've been reading both #1 and #2 since before the new year. There are more half read books in the queue - nothing that really grabs me though.

Friday 15 January 2010
Friday - It's good to be home, after nearly two weeks away. I can finally unload my car of stuff from Martinez - and even some stuff from Christmas in San Diego.
Riley as a kitten, Feb 2000, taken with my first digital camera, a "Jam Cam".

Thursday 14 January 2010

Thursday - just as long.

I found & tried out some free s/w to automatically caption the inspection stills. Once the spreadsheets are done we can run a script to do this for all of them, if desired. Location, description, date, GPS coords...whatever.

Video captioning looks a bit harder - the various players are apparently very inconsistent in their support of the various codec 'standards'.

Wednesday 13 January 2010

Wednesday - a long day, just working away on stuff.

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Tuesday - back at work, doing the final quality control audit of the data, starting to assemble the hyperlinked excel defect and feature sheets. Tedious is too kind a word for this auditing, but our summer hire didn't come through, so...

Book #1 was Sailing from Byzantium, by Colin Wells (MP3 on a CD). This is an exposition on the legacies that the Byzantine Empire bequeathed to the West, to Islam, and to the Slavs - particularly to the Russians. Very interesting, detailing how the old greek texts survived, were translated and transported to various locals - usually by monks. The odd rise of mysticism and the failure of reason in both the Byzantine and Islamic civilizations is detailed. Recommended.

Monday 11 January 2010

Monday - worked until early evening at the house, then headed south. It was late, a little foggy in the valley, not too much traffic, but I still didn't get to Ventura until about 1:30am.

One thing I did before leaving was to put a tarp over what I think is the leaking portion of the roof. It's supposed to storm soon and there is some minor damage already. I bought sandbags at the local ACE hardware store, and filled them at a neighborhood sand station, just up the road at a park. Last year they had a little table, with holes, usefull for filling the bags, this year it was just a big pile of sand.

Sunday 10 January_2010

Sunday - working away on the house. The main thimg is prepping for painting, but also cleaning and tossing out some things, packing a few items to take south with me tomorrow.

Went over to my brother's place, watched the game, went out to a local Mexican place in Benecia for lunch.

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Casa de Hahnsoft, December 2009

Photo Notes: Casa de Hahnsoft, December 2009

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