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WEEK 1 2011

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Saturday 8 January 2011
Saturday - Well, up in Martinez. The house looks OK, my brother turned the heat on so it's not damp and cold. Not much changed - I was under the impression that the bathroom had undergone demolition before remodeling, but all they'd done was pull off the wallpaper. Sink, shower, commode all are still in place. For which I give thanks - my fifty-something knee's are not really up to squatting over a hole in the floor....

Traffic up was decent, but it was raining lightly the last 100 miles. When I arrived the neighbor's little dog started barking at me. When I left Lancaster the neighbors little yapper was going off at me. Ain't life grand. What is the appeal of these miserable little mutts anyway? Get a cat, or get a real dog, that's what I say.

Book #4 was Kris Longknife: Defiant. Yeah, I know, but these are cheap and on the Kindle, so it makes it too easy.

Interesting. I see that every book this year has been a Kindle edition. Well, it is the 21st century.

That said, during this weeks' clearnup I found my old Radio Shack cassette player under one of the debris piles, so I can listen to some of the hundreds of books on tape I have. I should probably rip them, perfectly legally, to MP3, for backup. Tapes don't last forever after all, and MP3's would be easier to carry along on a long sailing trip.

Which brings to mind another to-do for the boat. When the bilge filled in the last rainstorm it over-topped the fuel tank. I believe the vent is at deck level, but what are the chances that water got in there anyway? I should probably drain the diesel - you can get little pumps for that. In fact, given that the fuel in there is a couple years old I might donate it to a friend with a diesel car, and just put new clean diesel in. Another chore...

Friday 7 January 2011
Friday - More work about the house.

I did go over with some friends to look at a leak in a rental kitchen. Their tenant had reported that water was bubbling up under several tiles in their kitchen, and indeed it was. The house is raised well above the street, and there were no water-filled planters next to the foundation, but we think we saw a leak in the garage wall nearby. Perhaps it is flooding from there - a plumber will have to be called. Hopefully it isn't a pipe broken under the slab.

Book #3 was Kris Longknife: Deserter. Eh.

I used the Roku to watch Season 1, Episode 1 of Psych. I'd never quite seen how it started, I don't follow it much. Annoyingly I lost internet connectivity half way through, and had to reboot the router, then reconnect and fast forward to where the stream had stopped. I thought there'd be a bigger buffer, but apparently it's just a couple of minutes?

Thursday 6 January 2011

Thursday - More cleaning. Since there appears to be no work in the immediate future I'll probably head up to Martinez tomorrow or the next day, and do some work on the house.

Book #2 was Kris Longknife: Mutineer. Kind of average space opera stuff, easy to read, hard to remember...

Wednesday 5 January 2011

Wednesday - mostly just cleaning house, still. As one gets rid of the easy stuff, then other stuff comes to the fore. One thing was to go through my old shirts and clothes in the master closet, and start tossing. As someone who rotates shirts on about a 7 day schedule, 100 shirts or so is ridiculous. I think I tossed over 50 that were ugly, torn, too small or just too ugly to wear. Some are from college, a couple were probably my fathers...

I suppose I could donate them to Goodwill, but then it'd be a half hour out of my day driving over and dropping them off.

Not much else to say, I don't know where the rest of the day goes. Keeping busy pretty much every minute of the day.

Book #1 for 2011 was Lords of the Sea, by John R. Hale. It goes into a lot more detail about the Peloponnesian War(s) between Athens and Sparta. Very interesting. The author goes into some detail about the strategy of the two powers - Athens ruled the sea and, when Sparta and her allies sortied forth on land they would attack behind the lines. As a strategy it sort of worked, but an interesting side effect was that the Athenian naval forces, trireme galleys for the most part, were manned and rowed by the lower classes and they demanded a share in the rule of the city, and hence the democratic impulse was strengthened.


Tuesday 4 January 2011
Tuesday - One thing was to toss unwanted stuff, old books I'll never read again (paperback Star Trek stuff,etc), newspapers, magazines and such. This cleared up a lot of space and I was able to (almost) shelve all the books.

I then continued with the Great Filter for another four hours, and finished with twelve legal sized boxes of stuff to be tossed, and two to keep. A quick trip down to the UPS store was a bit of a spirit dampener - they want $1/lb, and each box is about 22 lbs. And their shredder is slow, you have to hand feed, it isn't a question of just dumping stuff into a bin. So, I'll have to come up with a better system, burn them or something. Rent a chipper?

The cats, by the way, had zero interest in going outside into the snow....

There was nothing on teevee, so I used the Roku to watch Sky King Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Fun, but the soundtrack volume varied wildly, I had to keep the remote in my hand and turn the volume up/down continually. Perhaps the audio is designed for surround-sound or something?

Monday 3 January 2011

Monday - Beginning the New Years cleaning attempt. The downstairs areas are OK after several days of picking up, not great, but acceptable, and now it's time to tackle the rooms upstairs. There are essentially four, not counting the bathrooms, and three are well nigh impassable.

Some of it is unshelved books, some old documents and reports, some is stuff from my fathers' that I haven't had the heart to sort and box. But it all needs to be done.

In addition there is, in the master walk-in closet, about twenty years worth of old mail and correspondence that needs going through, and the bulk to be tossed or destroyed. Some might actually pre-date my moving into this place back in the early 1990's. I've been avoiding even thinking about it, but it needs to be done. The first step was to bring a lot of boxes downstairs, and then start sorting; saving personal items and mail, tossing the vast majority of stuff. There is so much with personally identifiable information that a shredder will be needed, but my little personal unit just isn't up to the job, I'll have to take it to UPS or a shredding service.

This took over eight hours, and I'm not done yet...

In the evening I went over friends, and had a nice dinner with a great lasagna. I had to work for my supper - I removed the decrepit versions of Norton and McAfee infesting their PC and installed Microsoft Security Essentials. I also left AdAware on there, for now.

Sunday 2 January 2011

Sunday - We do have a nice snowfall starting, and predicted to continue overnight, which is fun! It started about lunchtime, and as I had lunch with friends at Famous Dave's it continued to fall, the flakes getting larger all the time:

snow from the car
Snowfall from the car, after lunch. Still not sticking...

By late afternoon the snow was sticking, at least on the grass:

And by mid evening it was sticking to the streets, as well - see picture below.

Other than watching the snow fall, just relaxing in the evening, doing minor chores. Not much to say.

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snowfall for the new year
Photo Notes: A snowfall in Lancaster, Jan 2, 2011.

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