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WEEK 2 2018

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Saturday 13 January 2018
Saturday - In other news the "almond" colored vents in the front room were, in fact, gloss white.  Ugghh.  As I mentioned to my sister Virginia, I really thought I was done with the whole "antique gold" experience after repainting my parents house back in 2010/2011.

Friday 12 January 2018
Friday - Well, Frontier failed to show up, again.  I had to call them, and after navigating their horrible phone maze (actually some random but kind employee internally transferred me to the correct place) was told that there was a "bridge tap issue identified by the engineer" and essentially not to call them, they'd call me when things were setup.

Ever get the  "Just.Doesn't.Care."  vibe from the phone company?  Yeah.  It's like living in the 1960's again. The lady I talked to was nice, but the corporation she works for....

Thursday 11 January 2018
Thursday -

Wednesday 10 January 2018

Wednesday - Name change in the works for the app.  Sheryl discovered that "No Means Yes" is apparently a name used date rape support group, said group being not for victims, but for the perpetrators! What a world we live in...
Tuesday 9 January 2018
Tuesday -
Monday 8 January  2018
Monday - Rain.  The Lord knows we need it.  The RV is reasonably dry - I have a couple of buckets under the air vents, but the bed and all my belongings are dry. 

Budd was  pretty concerned about the pitter-patter on the roof however.  He spent time on the streets, bad memories perhaps?

Sunday 7 January 2018
Sunday - I took a quick trip down to check on the boat.  With a big storm predicted I was concerned about ash from the recent fires clogging the deck drains.  I rinsed the decks off and made sure the bilge pump had power.  The aft pump isn't activating, but the backup is.  One more thing to fix, eventually.

I took a side trip to Ojai, to drop off a care package from S to her dad Don and stepmom.  It was nice up there.  The kind of brutal summers they have make me forget about the lovely winter climate.

I didn't actually see that much damage on the CA-33 going up, but Don says there are some seriously burned over areas nearby.

Book #1 was Dreadnought (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 2), by B.V. Lawson.

Book #2 was Star Carrier (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 3), by B.V. Lawon.  These were straightforward space opera escapism...

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A concerned Budd

Budd, ears back, refusing to leave my lap. He doesn't care for rain apparently.

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