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WEEK 4 2019 

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Saturday 26  January  2019
Saturday - Clear but cold at night.

Did some more house cleanup - things have been kind of delayed with all the stuff going on.  Also there is a lot of ash in the house from my cleaning of the old stove.  I guess the filter isn't fine enough in the vacuum. Ugghh.

Went by the local CarMax place: prices are incredible there too.  Went by the little Kieffe & Sons lot in Rosamond, prices were even higher.  We did see an interesting looking Ford F-250 4x4 that AH was interested in.

I made a few RFI's on some cars for sale on CraigsList, via email and text.  We'll see what happens there.

What I was actually doing in Rosamond was checking Karl's Hardware to see if they had any bearing oil for the pellet stove exhaust fan motor: ("Anderol 465", high temperature turbine oil. The local big hardware stores have already clearanced their winter stove stuff.

Since the fan sits directly in the exhaust stream (creates it actually) the metal fan communicates that heat to the spindle, which in turn communicates it to the bearings. You can't use 3-in-1 or Zoom-Spout oil.  You might be able to use 20wt non-detergent synthetic, but the auto parts stores I checked didn't carry it.

As it turns out, at Karl's they have a lot of pellet stove stuff, but not that item. The salesman was apologetic, he'd never heard of non-sealed bearings in pellet stove fans.

When I got home I ordered some from the internet.

Friday 25 January 2019
Friday - A pleasant day.

In the morning I went in and had the gum stitches pulled.  I was a few minutes late because of some car issues, but called ahead and they were not upset.

Afterwards AH and I went by a couple of car dealers and looked at their used cars.  What they want is astonishing...

Thursday 24 January 2019
Thursday - Decent enough weather.

S says she received her new Dell replacement laptop.  Since she was technically out of the free replacement period the supervisor coded it as a shipment of parts: keyboard, hard drive, battery, and so on.  It was fully assembled of course, and no problems so far.

I opted out of the so-called Clean Power Alliance thing, that I had been automatically enrolled in. Just another scam.

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Wednesday - Cool, but sunny and not too windy.

I did a bunch of bill and tax stuff in the morning, then worked on the garage for a bit, collecting wrenches and putting up some hangers to hold them up.  I'm not actually trying to make it look like a "professional shop" as someone asked, just a decent work space for a home shop.

I seem to be missing my 9mm Craftsman combination wrench, I don't like partial sets of tools, but I think there are still several toolboxes stored in the container.

I took a walk at lunch, just a quick 2.5 miles, because I'm feeling fat and creaky.

I did a bit of other computer stuff, but didn't make any progress on the app.

In the evening my head was aching, either a migraine or that jaw infection coming back.  Hard to say.

I did get a chance to talk to Dave for a bit in the evening, and we made some general plans to go hiking this year...just like we usually do.  But we're both a lot more free than we were, and last year it was injuries and illness that stopped us.

He had just spent some time in Nevada, up near Reno, and said he liked the area.  He also said that he'd rented a new Toyota Corolla at the airport, and was very impressed.

Tuesday  22 January 2019
Tuesday - Some clouds, windy, cold.

I spent a few more hours rearranging things in the garage.  I'd like to paint some stuff in there but it's too cold: I doubt the garage ever rose above 45F.  The weatherstripping on the doors is bad, and there is a vent up under the eaves that exhausts any small amount of heat that the garage may accumulate, since there is no ceiling.  I will get some weatherstripping, and probably add some closable louvers to that vent: there is no reason for it currently,  there being no CO source in the garage, not even cars right now.

Eventually I'd like a ceiling, but it's not high on the priority list. 

Next is getting the master bath into usable condition.  I started on that at the beginning of December I think...

Then I worked on various office things in the afternoon.  I'm trying to get back to working on the app, but there are so very many distractions.

The gum feels OK, a little sore, nothing that Ibuprofen can't handle.  I get the stitches out on Friday.

AH had some bearings in his shop, and put them on the dolly, and gave it back to me, yay!

Monday 21 January 2019
Monday - Rain during the night, pelting against the western windows. It actually woke me up. It wasn't particularly wet when I arose, so it apparently only lasted a few minutes.

After breakfast I tackled the garage, cleaning up, and putting up brackets and some shelving boards.  This took most of the day.

No mail and no pellet stove combustion fan delivery.

Which reminds me, we did go check out the other Whitfield Advantage 2 pellet stove being advertised on Craigslist yesterday, after stove and fridge stuff was done.  It had clearly been left out in the rain, there was a water line inside the pellet hopper and the firebrick was shot, so I passed on buying it - there isn't much chance the motors and controller were undamaged.

Sunday 20 January 2019
Sunday - Cool and cloudy, but no rain.

AH, Glen and myself went to town and picked up the refrigerator for S.  And a dryer.  It was an estate sale, and almost everything else was gone.

I personally bought a couple of  baking pans. Now I can make those biscuits.

And a dolly, that someone else, quite irate, was returning because it didn't have a good wheel bearing (and the cotter pins were apparently made of paper). 

As AH said to me: pay the lady the $7, bearings are a lot cheaper than a $70 dolly. I'd like to have a unit big enough to move the propane cylinder, which is nearly 200# when filled!

We slowly drove over to S & H's place, and Roger and A installed the new fridge while S and I cleared out the garage enough to install the new dryer - it was 2" wider than the old one and there was a built in cabinet that had to be moved first, which meant the 4x6 shelving unit next to it needed to be moved secondly, which meant the table saw and barrels near it needed to be moved thirdly...

When we left it looked like they were having a sale, there was so much stuff in the driveway!

We were home just after the game started.  They were both nail biters: some much so that there is more than a whiff of the NFL trying to make things more entertaining...

There was a lunar eclipse in the evening.  Somehow the clouds stayed away enough that we could watch it through until totality. A nice copper color.

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Sunrise in July, 2018.

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