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WEEK 5 2019 

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Saturday 2  February  2019
Saturday - Wet still.

I was planning to go to a get-together with friends, Indian food night, but the host, AH (and a couple of his sons) are down with a cold or some other crud.  Dang.

Guess I'll be watching the game tomorrow by myself, if it's streaming somewhere.

Internet connectivity is a bit sporadic lately.  Oh well, I spend too much time online as it is.

Friday 1 February 2019
Friday - Rain.  Lots and lots of rain.

I went and got an on-line estimate for a new chimney cover: $500.  Which is ridiculous, it's just galvanized steel with a cross break and some flanges.

Thursday 31 January 2019
Thursday - Rain...and the chimney/wall is still leaking somewhere.  Bah.  I have the pellet stove pulled out from the wall, so that, at least, will stay dry.

The new exhaust fan's special oil has arrived, finally.  I'll try to assemble everything this weekend.

Wednesday 30 January 2019

Wednesday - Rain!

Tuesday  29 January 2019
Tuesday - Still nice.  A big storm predicted, starting tomorrow.

AH and I got the new fuel pump into the tank, and the tank back into the Explorer.  It ran great, after a little scare when the gauge didn't work and the check-gage light came on.  A quick reset of the electrical wires at the tank fixed that!

It runs fine now, no issues. The old Check-Engine light also went out, but changing a battery will do that, it will probably come back on eventually.

I borrowed a battery from A, and went into town and bought a new battery at WalMart. The Explorer starts right up and runs without problem now.  It feels good to have wheels again.

Monday 28 January 2019
Monday - Working on this and that.

I was doing various things around the house, including spraying some sealant on the chimney cover.  It should be a convex single piece unit, instead it seems to be concave (someone might have stepped on it) shaped, and also constructed of two pieces patched with fiberglass and some sort of mastic.  Bah.

I expected AH to call me, but he removed the Explorer's tank without letting me know. I will make a point of showing up for the re-install.

The Pontiac Vibe person texted back, but they had people already coming to look at it.  And those people bought it, before I could.  Oh well.

Sunday 27 January 2019
Sunday - Cool, but no rain.

S did a bit of shopping for me, since I'm still without a car.  Yay and Bah!

I made another inquiry via Craigslist on a Toyota Matrix (actually a Pontiac Vibe), but didn't hear back.

She stopped by a little lemon lot on a corner in town, sent me pics of the vehicles there.  Nothing too exciting.

AH came by, and we towed the Explorer over to his place, and when he gets a chance we'll take the fuel tank out.  It sounds like a real chore, he's done it on a Ford F-150, and talked to a guy that actually cut through the car floor rather than deal with dropping the tank.

Afterwards we drove his Ford Bronco around a bit.  It hadn't been driven in a while, so we took it up to a dirt road through the windmills in the Tehachapi foothills.  This wasn't off-roading, but we did put ten or twenty miles in four wheel drive on it.  It seems to be OK.  And fun. He's been working on it when he gets the chance.

I'd offered to buy it from him if he bought the old 4WD F-250 in Rosamond, but after looking closely at the F-250, and driving it, he decided not to get it. 

They are predicting serious rain towards the end of the week.

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Suzy looking out the window
Suzy looking at a cat across the street, 2019.

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