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WEEK 5 2017

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Saturday 4 February 2017
Saturday - OTR. 

Worked a packing and moving boxes to storage from 7am to about 11pm, with brief breaks for meals.

Friday 3 February 2017
Friday - OTR.

Down to the valley for some paperwork on selling a house down there.

Then down to San Diego for the weekend of packing.  The weather was dreadful - rain and misting the whole way nearly.  And the traffic was insane - it took me four hours, on freeways, to go from Pasadena to north San Diego, midday.  Sheesh.

I arrived and spent four or five hours picking up stuff and tossing it, before S and two boys arrived, and we began packing stuff up.  Worked to about 11, then hit the sack.

Thursday 2 February 2017
Thursday - Working away. 

T called, said that there were severe inflow problems at the Saticoy sewer system, but that it was probably inflow from laterals on private property. This is good news for me personally.  I was hoping it wasn't stuff I inspected, and it doesn't seem to be.  But ten or twelve feet of head on those ancient manhole walls can't be a good thing...

They are going to review camera work, and come to some sort of conclusion next week.

Wednesday 1 February 2017

Wednesday - Working away on the app and STARS.

Not much to say, actually.
Tuesday  31 January 2017
Tuesday - I went and picked up some boxes and packing materials from someone in Acton.  We are going to make another attempt at packing ups S's mom's stuff.  There is just so darn much of it, stuff dating back decades.

There are some STARS issues - the GUI version has an expired license.  Dr. Gupta is working on that.  Got Steve G's model running, more or less.  He took a bunch of stuff out to get it to run through NSTARS, so it's not really the "good" model.

Monday 30 January 2017
Monday - Meh.

Spent nearly the entire day signing up for Covered California. Yay.

Not much else going on. 

Sunday  29 January  2017
Sunday - Relaxing around the house, letting my hands rest.

I guess the Trump election election protests are still going strong.  And now there's a California secession movement. Great.  Sore loser's, the lot of them.

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Suzy, cardboard box, and fireplace
Suzy in heaven: a cardboard box and a warm fire, December 2016.

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