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WEEK 6 2017

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Saturday 11 February 2017
Saturday - Still dry.

I did a bunch of shopping in the morning - it's been a couple of weeks and I was out of everything...

The new cat is enjoying the butcher paper I put down for him:

Budd rolling in butcher paper
Happy cat!

Friday 10 February 2017
Friday - Working away on NOPE and STARS.  My hands hurt...

Thursday 9 February 2017
Thursday - Working away on NOPE and STARS.

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Wednesday - Working away on STARS stuff.   I tried to enable Dropbox, the file transfer thing, on the new HP laptop, but it got really screwy really fact.  I guess it got confused between the old 5GB storage I had, and the new 25GB that I was supposed to get for free with Windows 10.  Eventually I got it to sync, and it looks like I just have the 5GB.  Whatever.

I was having trouble with the buffers and VIM on Win10, and eventually remembered that I'd installed CREAM, which works much better.  At least once I'd figured out how to get into command mode, <cntl-L>, and out again, ESC.

I scratched around a bit, working on an early Aeroelastic model for him.  I made sure to tell him last week that this is just my opinions on things, not Engineering Services or whatever.  He needs to check my fifteen and twenty year old recollections of how things are done against modern practices!

Anyway, now I have a working GUI version.  Steve G. is going to try it as well.

Tuesday  7 February 2017
Tuesday - Not much to say.  Working on the app, trying to get the switch thing to work properly.  The Apple provided stuff for switch indexing doesn't seem to be working right - little vs big integer / unsigned integer issues.  It might be me, but I followed the instructions and am getting index of 992,687,321,095  -  for an array with a grand total of  eleven (11) elements!

Talked with S a bit, she wants to be able to exchange stuff on the screen, with switches.  Kind of different from what I was assuming, so I'll have to do some rethinking about that.

Monday 6 February 2017
Monday - Tired.

Spent nearly the entire day doing more paperwork for Covered California. And other stuff.  How can a half retired guy be so busy?

Not much else going on. 

Sunday  5 February  2017
Sunday - OTR. Working around the house, basically packing items in A's main office, and helping take boxes to storage. Over the weekend we moved 125 boxes into storage - there's probably room for as many more, but we were out of time.

We also moved the good TV and a bunch of household items to A's new place.  I set up the TV, with help from the local TW guy on the phone, and got everything going.

We headed north about 4, just after the Super Bowl started.

It started out as a blowout apparently, then the Patriots came back and cleaned Atlanta's clock.  I didn't really care, I never followed either team ever, and haven't watched a football game this year.

I got home to Lancaster and dropped off G and P at their parents at a reasonable hour, 7-ish, rather than the 2am of last time.

I guess the Trump election election protests are still going strong.  And now there's a California secession movement. Great.  Sore loser's, the lot of them.

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Suzy, cardboard box, and fireplace
Suzy in heaven: a cardboard box and a warm fire, December 2016.

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