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WEEK 3 2019 

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Saturday 19  January  2019
Saturday - Clouds and sun.  No rain.

Worked on cleaning the office(s) in the house, then a good deep cleaning of the pellet stove (vacuuming behind the firebrick and so on), and then did a bunch of cleanup in the garage. 

I was going to work on the master bath, and couldn't find a tool, so it was about time to cleanup in the garage.  I need to put up some more shelves in there as well, just haven't gotten around to it.

S texted to say that her fridge had died, but she'd already found another at an estate sale a few blocks away.  Tomorrow AH and I will will meet Roger and pick it up and help install it.

I bought a new exhaust fan unit for the pellet stove.  I actually bought from a pellet stove company online, as the Amazon parts are pretty unreliable (according to Amazon's own reviewers).  The business actually offers a 1 year warranty, so I paid a bit extra. I also bought the motor and fan with the associated impeller housing - it seemed to me that the old unit had too small of a fan for the housing, and it never seemed to really have enough  blower power, even when it ran.

The exhaust fan actually is on the output pipe, creating a suction through the stove - thus there is always negative pressure in the combustion chamber  and less chance of CO getting into the room.

There is someone selling a similar model on CraigsList, for $80, and I'll swing by and check it out tomorrow, if AH has the time.  It's actually older than mine, but it might make a good "parts stove".

The playoff's don't start until after noon, I think, so it should all work out.

Friday 18 January 2019
Friday - Rain is letting up mostly.  Still some sprinkles.

Pretty tired, but did a few household chores, watched some teevee.

I talked to TD the previous evening, and he reminded me that we'd bought the Explorer battery at CostCo down in San Diego, when it failed in my car in his driveway on a visit there in, I think, 2015.  So maybe we can exchange it for a new unit - it's *just* past the 42 month no-questions-no-charge replacement period, but they should still pro-rate it.  I'll have to look for the receipt.

And I got a note from Ventura county that they were going to put a lien on the boat, since I hadn't paid the property tax.  I guess the bill never went to the correct address here.  After a bunch of fooling around I was able to get a number, with the fine amount , and sent the payment off.  I'll wait a couple of days, and check to see that it went through.

Thursday 17 January 2019
Thursday - Rain off and on.

I slept on the couch in the front room, so I wouldn't turn over and try to sleep on the sore side of my jaw.

I awoke looking at the wall over the chimney, and thinking fuzzily "what a weird reflection that is!"  There were a couple of baseball sized blobs on the wall.  I woke more and finally realized that the roof was leaking at the chimney joint, and running down behind the paint inside the house.

It was also leaking directly onto the pellet stove.

So I hurriedly unplugged that and pulled it out of harms way.  It was, of course, wettest directly over the electronic control board.

I asked the neighbor boy to pick me up some Henry's in town, but he talked to his dad who came by himself  instead and we picked up 5 gallons of the stuff locally, and applied it during a lull in the storm.  It's the sort that can be applied to wet surfaces. Hopefully it will do the trick.

I have fans and heaters trying to dry things out inside...

Wednesday 16 January 2019

Wednesday - Nice enough weather. Rain off and on.

Off to the dentist in the morning for some gum surgery.  It went well enough I guess.  No pain killers or antibiotics were prescribed.

The woman patient in the office next to me screamed a couple of times.  I've never heard that in a doctor's office before.

Apparently she had done *none* of the prep stuff, hadn't taken ibuprofen beforehand, hadn't eaten, refused to open her mouth wide enough for the dentist to work, and so on.  How can an adult be so childish?

My appointment started late because of all this nonsense.

I had borrowed the neighbor boy's truck, and filled it up before returning it.

Tuesday  15 January 2019
Tuesday - Better weather.

I did some estimated taxes stuff and sent in a couple of checks.  I think I'll probably get something back, but since I haven't received some documents I can't really be too sure.

Called my brother and wished him a happy belated birthday.

Monday 14 January 2019
Monday - Raining still.

Aaron and I made a propane run.  He had two empty 100# bottles, I had one 100# bottle that was 75% empty according to the receipt, after six weeks, which is what I calculated it should be.  We had some small bottles to fill as well, but there was no crowd and things went relatively quickly.

S says that Dell has now "escalated" her problem to another level of people.  Still no working laptop though.  This was a nice high end unit too, she's getting tired of the delays.

Sunday 13 January 2019
Sunday - Quiet. Rain.

S offered to pick up some groceries for me in town, and bring them out, which was a great help.  Not having a car kind of sucks...particularly when you run out of coffee beans and have to fall back on a year old can of pre-ground Yuban...

She even threw in some whack-em-on-the-counter biscuits.  Sadly I have no cookie pans or way to cook them :-(

She also gave me a haircut, which I sorely needed.  There was a comment made about me looking like a homeless person squatting in an abandoned house.

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Sunrise in July, 2018.

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