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WEEK 4 2021 

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Saturday 23 January  2021

Saturday - Still windy and overcast, though not as severe.

It looks dramatic to the eye, but doesn't even show up on the weather radar.

I heard the P, my ex-brother-in-law got COVID.  He was not hospitalized, just isolated at home, but said it was pretty unpleasant and tiring.

Friday 22 January  2021

Friday - The rain has arrived. 

Glad to have the pellet stove working, though it's almost too much heat.

Re-stacked the fence.  We don't often get 50mph winds from the north east, so it should be find for now.

Thursday 21 January 2021

Thursday - Windy.

So, yeah, the high winds (almost 50mph) from the north east blew over the north-south oriented cinder-block and metal rails fence in the back yard. They really weren't set up to resist that sort of blow, though better than the original setup.

There are giant piles of tumbleweeds against all the fences and the house.  Ugh.

The neighbor's decrepit old Australian shepherd got out at some point.  We all searched for hours, and figured that with the weather overnight being cold he was a goner.  Much to everyone's surprise they got a call from an animal rescue up near Mojave.  Some kind soul had found him wandering around over near the freeway, six miles away, and stopped and taken him to the rescue.

I'm astonished he could walk that far.

Wednesday 20 January 2021

Wednesday -The wind started coming up, as predicted. Suzy is hiding under the bed...

I got the pellet stove repaired - the actual auger motor replacement was easy, and I took the opportunity to get rid of some hard grit in the auger base. I also oiled the exhaust motor and vacuumed out the baffle's and ducts.  It runs well, and hot.

The motor is quite a bit louder that the old one - it has that "robot arm extending" noise.  Hopefully it will disappear as the motor wears in - the old motor was absolutely silent, you had to look for the pellets falling into the burn pot to see if it was working.

Tuesday 19 January  2021

Tuesday -Working on various things, not much to say.

I did get a call from S about mid-day, she was in a big cloud of smoke and wondered if I knew what was going on.  As far as we could tell it was just a house fire somewhere in mid town.

Book #7 was The Broken Holy Spear (STB #17), by Gakuto Mikumo.  Oddly it was a modified version of something that was in the anime already, usually it works the other way around. I feel slightly cheated.

Monday 18 January 2021

Monday -  Another  rather nice winter day.

There isn't much going on.  Worked on some bills and paperwork, did some minor app stuff

They are predicting a big storm by Wednesday, I need to get that pellet stove working.  On warm evenings the little electric heater works fine, but it's no good in 30 degree weather and high winds.

Book #6 was The Shaman of Karres (Karres #4), by Eric Flint. Not great, not bad.  Wraps up a few things.

Sunday  17 January  2021

Sunday - A normal day I suppose.  Feeling a bit better.

Did the usual shopping with S.

She had found a "dry washer" for gold panning for AH, so I delivered money to her and picked that up and delivered it to him.  She also had a bunch of 2x2's that the gold panning guy threw in, gratis, that she gave to me.

It's a small world, talking to the gold panning guy she found that he was retiring to Ashton, Idaho.  It's where she spent the summers, and where I went for the full eclipse a few years back...

Book #5 was The Sorceress of Karres (Karres #3), by David Freer. Not bad.

I finally dropped off the (frozen) berry pie I'd bought for the H family a few weeks ago, and S had a gift box for me, mailed  from Kirk in Japan, which should be interesting to open!

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December sunset in the west Antelope Valley.
A December sunset in the west Antelope Valley.

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