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WEEK 3 2021 

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Saturday 16 January  2021

Saturday - Decent enough weather.

"Finished" another chunk of of that backyard fence, there is sort of an 11' gap near the old fence, where a walkway will go. It's currently a mixture of steel rails and 2x2s.

I picked up some lights a while back, need to see what they look like on the posts.

Said posts are already leaning, they are just too high for a no-foundation install.  Oh well. I'll do something about it eventually.

Friday 15 January  2021

Friday - A very nice day, much like the weather was down in Westwood yesterday, about 70F and windless.

Some high clouds rolled in late afternoon, making for a pretty sunset but lousy astronomical observing.  Pity, since the temps nice and there's no wind.

Book #4 was The Wizard of Karres, by M. Lackey, E. Flint, and D. Freer.  This is a sequel to the ancient Witches of Karres novelette, by James Schmitz, originally written in (I think) the 1970s.  Not bad.

Thursday 14 January 2021

Thursday - Beautiful weather down in LA.

Traffic was very light, lightest I've ever seen it other than a major holiday.  We arrived about an hour early, and were just going to walk about for a while, but the doctor just took her first instead, so we were done and heading back by 10am.  Crazy.

We stopped and got lunch (and dinner) to go from Dickies, her treat.  It's probably been a year since I got anything from there. Also a nice loaf of home made bread from her.

Kind of wiped out for the rest of the day though.

Wednesday 13 January 2021

Wednesday - Typical day.

TD is buried in stuff at work in Ventura, so we're putting off our get-together until next week...

S has an early appointment, so we'll have to head out from her place at 7:30am or so.  As long as I have prepared coffee and breakfast ready to go the evening before that should be fine.  Not too much coffee, it's a long drive.

Still fiddling with the fence.  Laid out about 35'. It's just be more post-and-rail, basically a place holder so that I can think about landscaping and vegetation.  That said, I am trying to use just stuff I have around and/or can re-use.  There are a bunch of steel top rails that I picked up a year or two ago, but they are all of various sizes, from 8' to 11'.  I laid them out and did a Tower of Hanoi sort on them, but I kind of hate to get involved in cutting them, a pain and maybe I might have use for long rails later...

I tried out some 2x2's I had.  Hmmm.  If stained and weather proofed they might look OK, but I suspect that they, and anything but a 2x6, will sag.

Tuesday 12 January  2021

Tuesday - Another winter's day.

Trying to get together with TD, it's been a battle for some reason.  Was hoping for this week, but not sure, with S's medical appt.

I bought a few more cinder-blocks, and am laying out the next 70' of fence in back. The ground drops quite a bit more than I thought, and of course the dimensions of the enclosed area are non-nominal and taking a bit of thought to work out.

I made my own laser level with a distance measuring laser and a level, works fine, but only stays on for 20s.  I actually have three laser levels, none of which will stay on for more that 20s.  Strange.

Monday 11 January 2021

Monday - It's OK, weather wise.  A normal winter day.

The new pet heating pad runs so warm that the cats often don't lay directly on it.  A S's suggesting I put a small towel on it, to maybe lessen the heat.

S asked if I could take her down to UCLA on Thursday, no reason why not.

Sunday  10 January  2021

Sunday - A normal day I suppose.  Feeling a bit better.

Did the usual shopping with S.

Shelves at WinCo were even emptier than before.

m chuckling, because this encapsulates our worldviews:

Ed:”The store shelves are empty because it can no longer find inexpensive food to feed poor people!”

Sheryl:” The store shelves are empty because the poor people have so much stimulus money they bought it all!“

I finally dropped off the presents for S and R, and picked up a few from them.

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December sunset in the west Antelope Valley.
A December sunset in the west Antelope Valley.

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