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WEEK 3 2020 

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Saturday 18 January  2020

Saturday - Cold.

L's brother passed away last month, and they've been going through his effects.  He had hundreds of paperback books, most just read once, so they've offered to let me go through and see if there's anything I want before they donate the rest to charity.  This takes a while, but there are some later Tom Clancy series, and Clive Cussler's, and even a few Stephen King.  Mostly it's intrigue and thriller stuff, which doesn't do much for me.  L said she likes John Grisham, so I've been setting those books aside when I see them.

Friday 17 January  2020

Friday - Cold.  Temperatures are supposed to drop into the 20's tonight, so I made sure all the exterior spigots were insulated.

Book #3 was Lt. Leary Commanding (RCN #2) by David Drake.  This was read out of order, but I read them when they arrive at the library via interlibrary loan.

Thursday 16 January 2020

Thursday - Snowing in Carson City.  It was nice enough here, until evening when a front blew through with ice pellets and sleet.

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Wednesday - A nice day.

Went into town, dropped off my taxes at the post office, went by S's place, admired the work on counter's that her handywoman is doing.  Got a free sandwhich and some pickles out of it too. Went by the hardware store and picked up some more wood pellets.

On a lark I looked for a web cam in Sasebo, overlooking the harbor.  There is one, and it does show an LPD present.  I texted K and he replied that that was his ship...and that it was a bit odd to see it on the internet, but since they turn on their AIS beacon (in harbor) it wasn't any big deal.

USS New Orleans in Sasebo.

Tuesday 14 January  2020

Tuesday -Working on my taxes.  Pretty simple this year.

Monday 13 January 2020

Monday - Clear and cold. A bit before lunch I headed out.

I made a few brief stops, one at the Walker River on the Nevada side, and stopped for lunch along the way.  The Ram get's great mileage and has a big tank, so there was no need to stop for fuel anywhere.

Other than a brief moment of confusion at the stupid 58E/I-14 junction out in the desert things went fine, and I was home by about 6pm or so.  Again, I didn't hurry, there's no rush.

Things were fine, the cats were happy to see me.  Suzy was hiding, but came out within an hour or so.

Didn't finish Modesitt book borrowed through the LA County library and Libby.  Not even halfway...

Sunday 12 January 2020

Sunday - Carson City is very windy, and Cold...

Bob and I watched football; yesterday the 49ers beat the Vikings, and today we watched some more.  There were some odd blowouts, but Mahomes and the Chief's look amazing.

In the evening I took Bob out for a nice steak dinner, since it's his birthday this month.

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Farmers field
  Farmer's field with mountain snow in the Antelope Valley, 2020.

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