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Saturday 15 March 2008

aturday - I'd actually thought about staying in Oxnard for the weekend, but the wallet fiasco put an end to that. And the weather was predicted to be pretty bad - stormy even. A dry cold front with high winds. Not good sailing weather. So from shirt sleeves in Ventura it was a shocking migration to the cold and windy in Lancaster.

But it gave me a chance to pick up a couple of items at yard sales Saturday morning.

Carpet remnant: $20.00
Small desk: $6.00
Toaster: $2.00
Coffee Pot: $2.00
Clothes basket $0.25

I think that should do me. It's a small room after all, just a place to hang my hat during the week.

And, indeed, there was some new snow on the hills around the Antelope Valley today, so the weather people weren't completely crazy.

A web page devoted to the Sun and it's solar cycle: SOLARCYCLE

Youtube: modern cannister shot.

Friday 14 March 2008

Friday - put in a days work, then headed home. The Friday freeway traffic seemed oddly light. Perhaps I'm just becoming accustomed to driving in the big city conditions?

I left my wallet with cash and credit cards at home this week, so I was bumming money and food off my friends (Thanks!). But going home the gas gauge started looking ominously low. It's hard to guess at gas consumption with the city driving I'd done during the week. I thought I had enough, but looking at the indicated eight-of-a-tank decided that the old saw about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure applied. Or, in this case, a gallon of cure. Rooting around in the bottom of my luggage and car cup holder I came up with about eight dollars in change and loose bills. It came to just over two gallons of gas, but the peace of mind was worth the embarrassment of paying for gas in quarters,nickels and dimes.

It's been a while since I had to do that. One forgets the minor annoyances and petty irritations of being poor after a while. Hopefully it'll be another decade or two before I repeat that particular scene.

Thursday 13 March  2008

Thursday - got home early at a reasonable time. Didn't know what to do with myself.

Canadian Tech Support. Heh. Or, rather, eh.

bird on a wire

Wednesday 12 March 2008

Wednesday - learned a little bit about Manifold. Interesting stuff.

Warm evenings. It seems strange to look up and see Orion, and be comfortable in shirt sleeves, rather than bundled up and freezing.

Tuesday 11 March 2008

Tuesday - back to work. Came home just beat. The time change?

It's been unseasonably warm, both in Lancaster and Ventura. It's odd to look up and see the Orion constellation - and be comfortable in shirt sleeves. Very odd.

And yes, the sky really was that purple color in the morning. Not a Photoshop.

 Monday 10 March 2008

Monday - appointment with the eye doc. Bouncing back from the dilating drops takes longer and longer as the years go by. This time it was probably four or five hours until I could function well, and early evening before I felt comfortable. It seemed a better idea to wait on driving down - no sense in dealing with the glare from any residual effects on a night drive in the evening.


Sunday 9 March 2008

Sunday - feeling a bit under the weather. I had plans, but just stayed around the house mostly, doing small things.

I did read Book #10, Fleet of Worlds by Niven and Lerner. I'd given it to my brother at Christmas, then borrowed it back a month ago, and had forgotten that I had it until I went to the (overflowing) books-to-be-read section and saw it there. I liked it. In fact it's the best Niven in a while. There wasn't much new in it, but what was there was well done. Okay, the plot was a bit thin in places, but I liked the back story of what the puppeteers' did and didn't do.

I see there is a sequel coming out. I probably won't buy it, but I'll watch for it at the library.

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Sunrise over a Ventura orchard
Photo NotesSunrise over an orchard in Ventura.

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