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WEEK 12 2009

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Saturday 21 March 2009
Saturday - doing various things with sis. Among other things, yard work. Mowed the lawn and edged. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and that needed to be done first. Indeed, they are predicting an enormous storm, with snow down to 3000'.

In the evening we had a dinner with friends and went out to the LPAC for a performance by Ladysmith Black Mambazo. This is a group from South Africa, and it's all...uh...singing. Not sure what the term for that is. No instruments, just vocals. And it was excellent.

Friday 20 March 2009

Friday - a lot of my tax records were missing, so I spent a lot of time trying to find them. My sister is visiting, and it was a great help to have somebody wrangle the cats in that last desperate hour before the appointment.

Which went...well...what to say? I did pretty well this year, but have few deductions, so it got kinda ugly.  "I owe, I owe, so off to work I go...."

In the evening we went out for dinner. Italian was agreed upon, but the first place was too busy, and had a live crooner - ugh. We couldn't find the second, the third was closed, and we ended up at Barrone's, near my original Lancaster apartment. It was OK food, not great, but Mike picked up the tab, so that means it tasted better than it would have otherwise ;-)

Thursday 19 March 2009

Thursday - nice clean channels, and long - good productivity. I had to knock off about 5:30 and head north to Lancaster - my appointment with the tax lady is tomorrow.

On the way north I finished Book #12, Washington Schlepped Here*, by Christopher Buckley. This is a short book (only 3 tapes, unabridged) in the format of a walking tour of Washington, D.C. It was humorous and interesting, though it covered quite of bit of stuff I'd read in biographies of  Washington, Jefferson, and so on. Buckley didn't quite "phone it in", but he lifted a lot from tour books and tour guides. But a lot of the stuff about Lincoln was interesting and I hadn't heard about, not have gotten that far is my presidential biographies project.

I see that WSH is one is a number of similar walking tour books from 'Crown Journeys'.

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Wednesday - hot out. I mean, uncomfortably warm. I wasn't expecting to be putting on sunscreen!

There was a (nearly) horrific experience in the evening. I was 'syncing' files between an external backup drive and my laptop. Or thought I was - actually I was deleting files on the external drive and making an image of the laptop 'My Documents' folder.

I had always thought that 'eyes widened in surprise' was a figure of speech - not so. It is the involuntary reaction to something completely unexpected and unbelievable. Fortunately there was another external backup drive with the data on it, so no permanent harm was done, but it was a scary few minutes. I really didn't want to re-do three or four days work!

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Tuesday - my cat sitter found somebody to fix the leaky pipe (hopefully). Well, that leaves me with nothing to do next weekend...I wish.

There is a new, big, biography of Andrew Jackson out - American Lion. Is AJ important/interesting enough for me to read two biographies of him? Also a new biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Traitor to His Class. Also there is Team of Rivals, the recent book about Lincoln's cabinet that got rave reviews.Hmm. I imagine Sandburgs Lincoln is in the public domain by now, maybe even in audio.

 Monday 16 March 2009

Monday - I noticed that the 'fixed' leaky pipe under the upstairs sink is still leaking. Great. Stuck a pan under it before hitting the road at 5 a.m. I'll get back to it next weekend...

A nice, if somewhat cool, day.

Sunday 15 March 2009

Sunday - did a few errands, a few chores.

Fixed that leaky pipe under the upstairs sink. I'd have replaced all the feed lines, but Home Depot only had the one valve that would fit.

Sniped a book on Ebay for my Dad. It's in England. I'm giving him the book (tape) but I think he should pay the postage. Heh.

The battery in the Probe is completely dead. I left the trunk ajar, and after a week the trunk light was enough to run it down. Well, I'll charge it next weekend.

And, Happy Seventh Birthday to the Blog here, this week. First post was 17 March of 2002. How time goes by. My interests stay much the same, it seems. Friday I bought an adapter for my digital camera, to enable pictures through the telescope of Comet Lulin. Seven years ago: pictures of Comet Ikeya-Zhang. No luck on Luilin, it was mildly overcast Saturday night, and I have to get up early for work tomorrow.
Happy Birthday Blog!

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mornign ducks on arroyo simi
Photo Notes: Morning ducks on Arroyo Simi.

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