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WEEK 15 2003

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Saturday 12 March 2003

Saturday - sat around, watched tv, thought about doing the taxes. There were still three more days, so decided to put it off a while... A friend came by to bid on something expensive ( a car! )on Ebay. We used the DSL, logged on, sat there and talked for half an hour as the auction wore down. At one minute to go the bid button was pushed - and then the firewall popped up. Uh oh... Much hilarity ensued, as the few remaining seconds passed in futile efforts to get through the firewall. Finally, with two seconds left, the firewall dropped and the bid was made!!

And my friend won.

Hey, I don't use Ebay.  I didn't know. Honest.

By the way, if you put in insteady of, you get the Encyclopedia Brittanica. And it's apparently free to individual users. So cool....

Friday 11 April 2003

Friday - tabs. Netscape 7 has 'em. Yup, a labor saving device for all you weary of having to move your mouse all the way down to the bottom of the page.  It only counts as one instance of an open browser, so, the link on the toolbar will be whatever tab you last picked. Sounds confusing? It is, trust me...

Dinner last night was at Marisco's, and I had the Colorado beef burrito - muy deliciosa, or something like that. And a beer, but just one, as I was tasked to explain page-building at to someone. Not sure I succeeded, but my student seemed happy enough...

Thursday 10 April 2003

Thursday - I forgot yesterday to add a link for the Giant Tow Truck, which is an M88. I'm not really a big fan of John Pike, but his new web site for has lots of cool stuff, just like the Federation of American Scientists site did when he was there. I sort of have the feeling that there came a parting of the ways there. Or maybe, in true capitalist fashion, he is out to make his fortune with his own organization!

There are little birds out on the lake bed now, with those really long straw like beaks. Kind of cool to watch, though I'd hate to be a shrimp or whatever they are searching for... It kind of brings back those "Nets of Space" memories.

Last night I was out talking to a neighbor, and the coyotes started howling in the fields to the west. Which set off the dogs in the neighborhood, naturally.
saddams statue toppled

Wednesday 9 April 2003

Wednesday - interesting morning. I turned on the tv, which has become a habit in the last couple of weeks, and they were trying to pull down Saddam's statue. I had see it before, in broadcasts, and wondered if it was indeed him - the camera's never zoomed in and it was left to ones imagination. So, there the giant statue is, with a rope around the neck. Obviously there weren't any civil engineers in the crowd, as the rope was nowhere near long enough to get a good pulling angle. The crowd, Iraqi's and the press, had to settle for yells and shoes.

Finally someone asked the Americans for help. You see, there was this giant tow truck, just sitting there...

Iraqi: Hey pal, I was wondering, can you lend us a hand?
American GI: What can I do for you?
Iraqi: There's this statue-
GI: The one over there?
Iraqi: Yeah.
GI: Well, I long as you don't tell the lieutenant...
Iraqi: Hey, no problemlo...

And from there on, it was history.
statue of saddam about to fall
About to fall:

Tuesday 8 April 2003

Tuesday - work. No rest for the weary. I also have a new consultation appointment with my regular surgeon to review the specialists report. So, a couple more weeks of freedom from doctors....

The war continues. It's almost hypnotic to watch the images, and to read about. FOX is rather right slanted, CNN almost sneeringly left slanted, MSNBC not quite so left. Oh well, the fog of war makes the commentary  rather moot anyway. Interestingly enough, I heard a reporter refer to the pall of smoke over Bagdad as the fog of war. I think he really thought that....

It's a lovely evening, warm, relatively quiet. The cats are peering through the screen at the passer's by, which include, of course, the kids in their little imports, with 300 watt speakers....

Monday 7 April  2003

Monday - spring ahead, fall back. Bah Humbug. They say that Daylight Savings time is for farmers - when is the last time you saw a cow with a wrist watch or a grandfather clock sitting out in a wheat field? Bah, I say, Bah!

Work went OK. We are, slowly, getting somewhere.

After work I stopped by a friends new place, in Rosamond. Well, new to her. It needs a good coat of paint on the inside, along with various other little things. For a place used as a rental it doesn't look too bad.

Sunday 6 April 2003

Sunday - more small errands about the house. Among other things I was asked to check out a wireless base station and some receivers someone was thinking of buying, used. Worked fine for me, though now MY laptop configuration is hosed. I need to check on what I used as the code phrase...

We went to see Marcel Marceau at the LPAC. It was a little...odd. "Creation" and "Youth, Maturity, Old Age and Death", and "Bip and the Dating Service" were some of the acts. I think that perhaps I wasn't clever enough to understand parts of it, and it was definitely an european sort of show. As a pragmatic american engineer type I can say, "Well, just this once...". My friends' son just fell asleep, but their daughter was enthralled. So, mixed reviews there...

Picture of the Week
 red sky in the morning  

Photo Notes: A Red dawn through my father's kitchen window.
Red Sky at Night - Sailor delight;
Red Sky in the morning, Sailor take warning

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