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WEEK 20 2003

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Saturday 17 May 2003

Saturday - the dog feeder has a small raised lip, probably to strengthen the flexible plastic base. If one pours a cup of water into it the ant horde is baffled. Point to Homo Sapiens Sapiens...

I've been cleaning around the yard, mowing a such. I need to weed the front flower bed but am stymied by the fact that unless it is blooming I cannot recognize flower plants from weeds. Oddly, James Lileks has a bit on just that problem in his column this week:
I have no idea what is a flower and what isn’t. I mean, I can tell what’s obviously a flower, but the plants that produce a flower later always confuse me. They all look like weeds. Some of the weeds have caught on to this, and present a small blossom right away - don’t kill me, I’m pretty! Here! Pluck me! It’s on the house! So I stuck to uprooting filthy dandelions. Their leaves are ugly. Their purply stems offend. Their deep rubbery roots reveal their true characters. I roamed the yard, implement in hand, stabbing the earth and ripping out the interlopers. I heaped the dead like vanquished Orcs, and if I’d had the time I would have impaled the dandelion heads on sticks to warn off their kin.
If you haven't seen "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers", the last sentence may not make much sense to you...

Friday 16 May 2003

Friday - therapy, and then a long day at work. My sister and family are coming down for the weekend - since no-one has called on the used car, no big deal!

The ants are infesting the dog food feeder. Fer cryin' out loud, I just can't win with these critters.

X-men 2 was good, and uncrowded as well.

Thursday 15 May 2003

Thursday - a nice day at work, then started up and drove the Mercedes about for a while. It runs well enough, but the transmission has some problems. I should probably have taken it in to AAMCO or somewhere weeks ago, but whatever.

Late in the evening we are going to see X-Men 2, which by general report is better than the first movie.

My sister, and family, may come down soon for a trip to Disneyland. I hear that they have spruced up the approaches and parking lots quite a bit.

Wednesday 14 May 2003

Wednesday - not much going on. We may go see X-men as the theater is likely to be uncrowded when the Matrix sequel comes out.

Called up the local paper and put an ad in for the old Mercedes. It's not in tip tip shape, so I priced it near the low blue book value, $2500. I need a six car garage, at the least.

At my father's suggestion, less carping here about my employer's employer. On the grounds that if I keep biting the hand that feeds me, I may end up with nothing to eat, if you follow my drift...

Tuesday 13 May 2003

Tuesday - still overcast and humid. Not much a spring this year.

If Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address in Powerpoint. Heh. Having sat through more than a few powerpoint presentations, I have to say it's spot on.

My father has a dictionary, which on the flyleaf has the address, annotated and corrected for spelling errors. Entertaining. Sometimes the message is a lot more important than the medium, and the English language, with hundreds of years of refining and evolution still beats Bill Gate's products, hands down.

Monday 12 May  2003

Monday - odd weather. Overcast and humid.

Sunday 11 May  2003

Sunday - the weather was about perfect today. In the low seventies, with the occasion zephyr to keep it comfortable.  I spent most of it washing the car and truck.  I had various other things to do, but just that took up most of the afternoon - it's been a long while since I washed either.

There was an interesting show on this evening, about some modern day soldiers living the life of  Roman legionnaires of the second century A.D. Very interesting, but too short. Personally I think they should have stretched it into several episodes; particularly as recent tv history shows that modern viewers have a strong tolerance and liking for "reality" shows.

Another thing bugs me about the Star Trek Enterprise episode the other day.  At one point they beam onto the Borg ship, and sort of  walk around slowly, creeped out by the various sleeping Borg. Eventually wide awake Borg come and attack them - if they (the humans) hadn't fooled around so much they could have set their destruct charges and gotten out of there a lot quicker. Also, in other Star Trek universes, the Borg don't particularly care when humans board their ships - why do they respond so quickly here?

Yeah, I know - good theater. Sigh.

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