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WEEK 21 2004

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Saturday 22 May 2004

Saturday - Very funny. Except for the "kill the elderly" part. That's not funny. No Sirree......heh heh. Sorry Dad. It just slipped out...


Friday 21 May 2004

Friday - got an email from some students trying to use the code, helped them with a few of their questions.

I'm just not feeling inspired to write for some reason.

Went out to a pizza place for dinner, with friends.

I did see "Shrek 2". Very funny, well worth watching.

cats play fighting
Friday Cat Blogging - Riley and Phoebe having a friendly tussle.

Thursday 20 May  2004

Thursday - more work. The disconnect between the PC versions of the STARS code and the unix version continues. I had the unix versions down pat, the PC versions are quite a bit rougher.

But it's definitely old-style programming and engineering, with just a trace of modern point-and-click GUIs.

Wednesday 19 May 2004

Wednesday - working away. The X-37 thing may just be rumor - I hope so.

Tuesday 18 May 2004
Tuesday - Heard from a friend at NASA - big layoffs in the contractor staff right at DFRC right now, and rumored layoffs in the civil service this fall. I feel bad for them, but better about myself. Airplanes are the poor stepchildren in NASA now, after being the heart of it through about 1960. Oh well, times change.

update: NASA is dropping support for the X-37, one of Dryden's remaining two X programs. And since the administrator choose to speak at a college graduation rather than watch the first flight of the X-45, well...things don't look so good to me.

We went to see 'Van Helsing' today. A fun movie - lot's of non-stop action, with Vampires, Frankenstein's monster, Wolfmen, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, and strange little mean Jawa like creatures whose species name I didn't catch. A fun matinee movie. No smut and not a lot of gore. And Kate Beckinsale is pretty easy on the eyes...

Kate Beckinsdale in 'Van Helsing'

Monday 17 May 2004

Monday - Hmmm. Went to see "Troy"  today with my brother - it was OK, but not very true to the story - no Gods interfering for example, and people live who should die, and vice versa. And the war takes about a month, not ten years. Not too gory either - I was concerned about killbill levels but it wasn't like that. But good entertainment. Brad Pitt makes a good 'prima donna' Achilles.

I loaned my copy of Dan Simmon's 'Ilium', to my brother after we came home, for a Sci-Fi twist on the tale.

Sunday 16 May 2004

Sunday - feeling better. Cleaned around the house -  my brother is visiting this week and I didn't want him to see me in my usual state of squalor :-)

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SpaceShipOne accelerates upwards
Photo Notes: The private suborbital spaceship, SpaceShipOne accelerates skywards, this time to 41 miles high!

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