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WEEK 20 2004

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Saturday 15 May 2004

Saturday - yes, some sort of bug. Bah.

Friday 14 May 2004

Friday - working and tired. Perhaps coming down with something?

Thursday 13 May  2004

Thursday - working.

Wednesday 12 May 2004

Wednesday - not a lot to say. Drove back to Lancaster, listening to 'Atlantis Found' on the tape player. Silly but entertaining.

Tuesday 11 May 2004
Tuesday - not a lot to say. I did scan in a bunch of letters, circa the American Civil war. The paper and ink is crisp and clear, as if they were written a few years ago. The letters are mostly those of Captain Michael Singer, to his wife and business associates, written from Cuba, Spain, New Orleans and the like.

Monday 10 May 2004

Monday - not a lot to say. Went by Fry's and picked up a few small items. Including a new heat sink intended for the PC that overheats a lot. It occurs to me that I have a lot of cases, and could just switch the motherboard into a new case. Nahhhh. Too easy.

Sunday 9 May 2004

Sunday - up at my fathers. We are going to have a little barbecue later, with my brother...

Picture of the Week

bad railroad crossing in Tehachapi
Photo Notes: The bad railroad crossing I wrote about here, just outside the concrete factory in Tehachapi. The correct path to follow is to the left. Note the lack of lights, signs, and other useful navigational aids. The concrete barriers are new I think - and I'm not sure they are an improvement. Is it better to smash into barriers at full speed or get stuck on railroad tracks?

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