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WEEK 22 2009

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Saturday 30 May 2009
Saturday - 

Friday 29 May 2009

Friday - On the road, up to Dads. Moderate traffic, good weather.

From CrimeReports - a bad neighborhood, full of thieves-

washington crime report
Washington D.C., theft, petty and otherwise....

Thursday 28_May 2009

Thursday - The air conditioning units are the office are being replaced tomorrow, so I am headed up to Lancaster.

The office is in a modern building - when the a/c is off the building quickly heats up to about 80F or so even in the temperate Ventura climate, and with no windows that can be opened becomes uninhabitable.

The new TouchSmart IQ816 in the office, that I mentioned a while ago, had to be returned - it tended to hang, which we put down to overheating. We exchanged it for another, and it has done pretty well. Suspecting overheating for the first problem, we stress tested the current item by downloading and playing several movies full length movies from Netflix, in a row. No problems experienced there.This is an all-in-one design, with the computer proper built into the back of a 25.5" touchable screen and a wireless keyboard and mouse. It has a dual core and vast amounts of ram and disk - but boots slower than any windows machine I have ever used - probably due to Windows Vista.

Wednesday 27_May 2009

Wednesday - In the morning there was a pre-bid walk through of a job site, then I spent most of the day prepping some paperwork for a meeting, becoming acquainted with some specifications and submittal s. Not very exciting, but it took up most of the day.

One chore last weekend was cactus removal. My various handymen and helpers have proven remarkably reluctant to undertake this chore, so I finally did it myself. It took several hours - probably about a hundred+ square feet to clear - and despite a sacrificial long sleeved shirt and gloves I still have numerous small needles embedded in my skin. My arms look like they have a rash, but at the center of each red dot is a small spine, perhaps an eighth inch long and much more slender than a human hair. Hard to grab with tweezers.

I kept the barrel cactus, because it looks neat and doesn't spread like this other stuff.

Tuesday 26_May 2009

Tuesday - down to Ventura. Book #23, finished en route, was Treasons' Harbor*, by Patrick O'Brian. Excellent, as always. I need to find another book on cassette, or get a CD player that works. I would prefer a CD player + Cassette, but they are hard to find these days.

 Monday 25_May 2009

Monday - Memorial Day.

A friend called with an interesting question this evening. They were thinking of buying a house and wanted to know if it was in a 'safe' neighborhood. A bit of sleuthing on the Internet found CrimeReports. It is pretty neat, you can bring up the area you are interested, the time period, even individual types of crime (homicide, burglary, etc).

Sunday 24_May_2009

Sunday - not much to say. Working about the house on various things. I say that a lot, but a rough estimate as to completion would probably be a couple of hundred hours of work.

The Space Shuttle Atlantis landed at Edwards AFB yesterday. I had planned to go out to the desert and take a few pictures, but didn't. Here's the text of my email to my brother-


I planned to go see it, but got up an hour later that I realized at first.

I was sitting, playing with the camera, wishing I'd bought the telephoto I looked at yesterday ($400, used, image stabilized, I just couldn't bring myself to buy it) ...then suddenly it dawned on was 8:30, not 7:30, too late to get out to Edwards (or nearby, I don't have a pass anymore).

So I went outside and watched the sky. I didn't see it - dry clear air, no contrails - but I heard it - a good big double BANG! BANG! which scared the cats and set off car alarms all over the neighborhood.

Turned on the teevee inside and it was already near touchdown.

Oh well.

I would like to see a takeoff - I guess there are only a few left.

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Cayucos beach, late afternoon
Photo Notes: Cayucos beach, late afternoon, 2005

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