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WEEK 24 2003

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Saturday 14 June 2003

Saturday - spent the morning working in the yard. In fact, I overdid it, and pulled a muscle - the same muscle I always hurt. Well, I got a lot of mowing, weed whacking, and edging done first, and then just relaxed and tried to enjoy the rest of the weekend...

Friday 13 June 2003

Friday - hand therapy in the morning, then another visit to the dentist for an oral surgery thingy in the late morning. I had intended to go into work, but took the rest of the day off. Did some shopping at Walmart - a new floor fan, for the bedroom, and a new needle valve for the swamp cooler, stuff like that. Also installed on of the  gas support strut's on the  Probe,  the old  struts  were  too  weak  to  hold  the  hatch  up.

day 12 June 2003

Thursday - a full day's work, and then dinner at the Outback. It was OK - I choose the "new" Outback Prime Rib Dinner, which was a large piece of fat, with just a few morsels of actual beef in it. So it goes.

Afterwards I offered up my home inkjet to print up some glossy's for a friend's final project - sometimes standard paper just doesn't cut it. Oddly I had a fresh ink cartridge sitting there on the desk. Well, maybe not all that odd, I bought it around Christmas time and just hadn't gotten around to installing it.

James Lileks on Monkeypox and prairie dogs:

The verminous creatures were sold at Phil's Pocket Pets in Chicago. Got that? Pocket pets. Usually, if someone said "I have a prairie dog in my pocket" I would be inclined to say "I'm sure you do" and move a few feet away. Now I will run, lest a poxy dog burst from the guy's fanny pack like the alien in the sci-fi movie and fasten itself to my face.

I'm gonna have to stop linking to this Lileks guy, or start paying him...

In other news, no word from my friends in WI. Those poor people...up to their ears in prairie dogs, open sores and scabs, locked indoors - the pitchfork wielding neighbors watchful outside; and with nothing to eat but cheese (although the cheese thing may be a different state, now that I think of it).

Anyway, work stuff briefly: since I couldn't get the make file to work properly, I tried putting in the entire path when compiling:
g77 -o zippo zippo.f /u/home/hobbiton/pvm3/lib/Linux/libfpvm3.a

or something like that. And it worked. Re-reading my notes, many of which were from last fall, was interesting. I did a lot then, and had a lot of ideas, which I thought were new to me this summer...I feel a bit like Dory...

Wednesday 11 June 2003

Wednesday - a busy day at work. Lot's of test cases, stuff that didn't run, stuff that did run and needed to be documented, and so on, and so on. Played with the cluster a bit - for some reasons libraries aren't being found. I remember having the problem before, but not what I did to fix it. Sigh. That's why I keep a notebook these days.

In the morning the sky is a clear blue, and there is fog on the hills to the south. It looks like oatmeal, pouring over the hills from Los Angeles. Very striking.

Haven't heard from my friend traveling to WI - I can only suppose that he is incommunicado with MONKEYPOX!

Tuesday 10 June 2003

Tuesday - I am actually home before 6 p.m. today (slightly) - whoo-hoo. Now what do I do?

I added 128Mb to one of the cluster nodes, and things worked a lot better. Seems that 256Mb is much better than 128, no swapping going on. Now to find some really really cheap RAM somewhere.

Monday 9 June 2003

Monday - we are just working away on things. We discovered an uncommitted bug fix in a program and so we have to redo a couple of test cases. Sigh. Well, maybe the results will look even better!

I have friends going off to Wisconsin this week. Wisconsin, state with MONKEYPOX!

And I quote, from AP, via Yahoo

"They said we can't leave until the scabs fall off the sores," said Kautzer, 28, of nearby Dorchester in central Wisconsin.

Sunday 8 June  2003

Sunday - went to see "Finding Nemo" with some friends. It was a lot of fun - there was even scattered applause in the theater when it finished. I enjoyed the scene with the sharks, myself.  But of course "Dory" made the movie...

I liked most of it except for the first scene - having succeeded beyond all expectations with the death of Bambi's mother and the "Lion King's" father,  the accepted way in the industry is now to start a cartoon  by killing a parent. Not sure I think it's a good thing - certainly Nemo's father could have done all his rescue efforts, and it would have been just as funny, and Nemo could have had his adventures, and they'd have been just as funny, and everyone could have reunited happily ever after. Oh well.

Picture of the Week
small rabbit in a park    
Photo Notes: OK. How to entertain a small boy - give him a camera and tell him to take some pictures of the rabbits in a city park! And he got one - click to see the prey!

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