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WEEK 25 2007

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Saturday 23 June 2007

Saturday - I spent the morning mowing, edging and weed whacking (and there is still more to do). Then I changed the oil in the Explorer, washed the Explorer and had the Probe's bad tire replaced and the rim put back on the car. By 2:30 I was beat - it was 100F+. My brother stopped by mid afternoon and we watched the Giants and Yankee's play into extra innings. Now I'm off for a Thai dinner at sa friend's place.

 Book #43 was Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community and War*, by Nathaniel Philbrick. Very interesting. It concentrates on the interactions between the Pilgrims and the local Indians, at the time of landing, and how peace and interactions were set up with Massasoitt a local sachem. The story then jumps forward to 1676 where war breaks out between Philip, Massasoitt's son, and the Pilgrims and spreads across New England. Stupidity, cupidity and politics - the usual troublemakers play their part. There aren't many real villains, and there are a number of remarkable men, and even a couple of saintly men. The Pilgrims weren't saints - but neither were the Indians. Recommended.

Well, here is a LOLCAT attempt of my own, using that picture of Phoebe from the other day-

lolcat phoebe

Okay, so it's harder than it looks.

Friday 22 June 2007

Friday - a warm day, 100F, or higher. And we had a bit of excitement at work today - Atlantis landed at Dryden - that was cool.

It's been a while since I saw a shuttle landing, and this one was special.

Because it was mid afternoon the shuttle wasn't backlit by the sun on final approach (as it so often is), thus it was easy to make out the black heatshield and whiter upper body, and the wheels when they came out. Very nice.

Naturally I had taken my camera out of the car the night before.

Still, several people had theirs, and someone forwarded me this picture:

space shuttle atlantis, landing at edwards, june 2007
Atlantis on final, June 2007, Edwards AFB

Thursday 21 June  2007

Thursday - today is the summer solstice, as somebody reminded me at work. Wikipedia points out that "summer" is ambiguous, since the seasons are reversed across the equator. So, I suppose I should post a shot of the setting sun tonight, so you'll know what hemisphere I'm in.

No, wait, that won't work, unless I tell you what direction I'm facing. In which case I could just tell you what hemisphere I'm in (north, by the way).

Hmph. Easier to stay inside, where it is cool.

Wednesday 20 June 2007

Wednesday - not a lot to say.

Book #42 was The Machine's Child, by Kage Baker. This is another of 'The Company' series of time traveling SciFi. It didn't really grab me, and it's really just a piece of filler before a probable denouement in a book to come:  nothing really happens, except that the author and publisher collect some $$$.  Fortunately it was a library book.

Tuesday 19 June 2007

Tuesday - back at work.

LOLCATS. Funny stuff. And don't miss Star Trek's Trouble with Tribbles done in LOLCATS style. heh. [via Absinthe and Cookies]

 Monday 18 June 2007

Monday - on the road, back to Lancaster. About 106F. Moderate traffic, just a few suicidal idiots.

Sunday 17 June 2007

Sunday - we had a nice barbecue, to celebrate Fathers Day and for a siblings birthday. 

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purple flowers

Photo Notes: Purple flowers in Martinez.

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