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WEEK 30 2004

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Saturday 24 July 2004

Saturday - woken up by noise outside. And hungry cats. After locking the cats out of the bedroom for a couple of hours and ignoring their throwing themselves again the door and meowing, I finally got up and fed them, then looked outside. My immediate neighbor is having some sort of  yard work done - either a lawn in place of dirt ( hope hope ) or a concrete side yard.

I'm guessing the latter - three houses across the street had it done in the last month and these things are 'catching'.

And another neighbor is having a yard sale. The noise is people driving up and parking anyplace they can. Oh well. I mowed the front yard, just to add my bit to the noise...

They are talking about closing the forests down here - incredibly early for that, but the fire season has already started.

It look like it is going to be warm:
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Friday 23 July 2004

Friday - I mostly just worked. There was a chance that I might have to go down to San Diego to pick up some solar panels, but that fell through, so it's the second weekend in six weeks that I'm not on the road. Whoo Hoo!

Working away. I may have talked myself into a bigger task than originally assigned, but it's probably the way to go.

Thursday 22 July  2004

Thursday - working away, trying to get up to speed on things again.

Wednesday 21 July 2004

Wednesday - on the road again. I wish I could have stayed longer, but work calls.

From Oregon House to Lancaster it was about 440 miles of highway and mediocre freeway, the 99. It's old, and the lanes are often narrow and winding, heavily traveled by trucks and the insane.

It was good to be back, and nice that it was clear and sunny - there are a lot of wild fires burning nearby but the air locally is clean.

Tuesday 20 July 2004
Tuesday - spent the day at the campground. The temperature was in the 90's, but we had a good time out on the lake with a rented boat. This was a largish pontoon craft that one could swim from, so we just headed to the quiet end of the lake and anchored for several hours. I think I didn't get out of the water for several hours, it was that nice. In the evening we played 'Songburst' and had some ice cream.

That stars are fabulous up there. I haven't hiked in a while and had forgotten what clear sky's look like. The Milky Way was clear, as were constellations down to the horizon. If not for the hill behind us I'm sure M31 would have been a naked eye object. Scorpio and Sagittarius were clear and bright.

Monday 19 July 2004

Monday - on the road again, up to the Thousand Trails preserve at Lake of the Springs, near Oregon House, a few miles north of Marysville. Marysville has certainly grown - I recall it as being nearly a ghost town, now it's bumper to bumper traffic and Starbuck's restaurants.

The campground is at the oak/pine interface, and was a bit warm here in mid summer. Unless, as was sensible, you were down at the lake swimming, as my friends were. Then it is nice, very nice...

Sunday 18 July 2004

Sunday - we had a nice barbecue, my brother B and sister V attending as well.

Picture of the Week

mystery truck in new cuyama

Photo Notes: This is a shot of a old work truck in New Cuyama (near last weeks sign). It's an old International of some sort. Flathead I think, with a downdraft carburetor. All sorts of gears, flat belt wheels, and what not. What it does (did) I have no idea. Baling hay?

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